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Message from Dr. Dan with Ascension updates

Dear Friends,

It is with much joy and excitement that I report to you and all light workers and seekers of the Holy way that on May 6, 2012 the tenth and final number sequence integrated the earth grid! This was the paradigm of 999 to the power of 7, which is the Holy O Crystal of the Goddess of the Holy O, the Androgyn.  This is our third circuitry that completes our Trinity of Oneness.

This Goddess of the Holy O is the summation of all ten number sequences through the Holy O Same tube torus; the Holy O Crystals of Lemuria, Atlantis and Hyperborea; the Holy O gray, brown, black rays and anchored in our pituitary gland, our crystal pyramids and our root chakra.

The grid system produced from the ten Holy O Crystals of the ten number sequences is Holy and Divine. Great ascension and transformation will occur as a result of the 10 crystals in the coming weeks and months right into 2013 and the Aquarian Age.

Another new evolvement is the work on perception and the correction of the linkage of the perception mechanism. It seems that most people, through lineage patterns and harboring false beliefs, have a conscience and subconscious programming that creation, Adam and Eve, and the downfall, all happened close together as found in the book of Genesis in the Bible. This information is not found in the inscriptions of the crystal lattice of our Holy Spirit. In the crystal lattice it says we were Holy Beings with the conscious knowing of our inner Holiness five times longer than the period from the Great Downfall (dawn of time) until today. Without this information in our perception linkage we cannot perceive the Holy Order of Life. It will go right over our head.

The resurrection of the Holy O Same is the way of the Aquarian Age. The Holy Crystal of Mt. Meru will bring forth the Holy Omega model. The Holy Order of the Dawn of Creation is returning to the earth –

Holy O Same.

Until next time

Your friend,


Servant of Holy Divine Healing

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