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Indianapolis Group Healing Today

The group healing in Indy was so wonderful. We did three blessings for humanity to resurrect our Divine Holiness from the fragmentation of the downfall, to establish a Perception Converter to be able to perceive all of life as the Same Holiness, and …. hmmm, my mind isn’t remembering the words right now. Dr. Dan is really excited and pleased about the way the templates are being constructed for us to exist as Holy Beings living from our own Holiness very soon on this planet.

If you joined us, thank you for bringing your unique Divine gifts to the party. If you weren’t able to join us, you are getting these blessings very quickly too.

Dr. Dan will be in Texas May 15-27 with four group healings. Stay tuned and plan to be in one of the groups or on the teleconference. Your presence makes a difference in the result and how fast we can get all this cleared up.

Have blessed week,

Cassandra Campbell

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