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Dr. Dan describes the Grey Ray, Black Ray and Brown Ray

The Grey Ray is from the crystal of Melchezidek, Divine Mother and Mother Earth that creates the Fountain of Eternal Life within which is the power supply to our 276 activities of Holy 0 Consciousness and this beam of the Grey Ray comes into the love particle of our heart then a goes into our pineal gland then it anchors in our pituitary gland.

The Black Ray brings all of the Holy 0 Orders of the temples of Orion, Sirius, Alpha Dracona, and Ursa Minor through the 69th dimensional universe of Divine Intervention, Holy 0 Love and the knowing of Inner Holiness through the Great White Brotherhood. Then it forms into this Black ray that integrates into our halo light and it integrates into our crystal pyramids, which are the etheric bodies in our pelvis. They give us our gut knowing.

The Brown Ray brings forth the Holy 0 Orders of Divine Mother and Mother Earth through the Holy temples of Sirius, Venus, Pleiades. This innervates and becomes this Brown Ray that anchors in our root chakras, which we now have three. One from the Great Central Sun. One from the plan of grand design. (He could not remember the third one at the time.)

These are the three rays that are the Holy 0 Trinity of 0-Ness. They connect us to who and what we really are. When these rays are connected we are whole Beings and we don’t have pieces repelling one another. These are very fundamental.

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