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Dr. Dan will be in San Antonio on Tuesday, November 10 through Thursday, November 12 for personal sessions and a group healing.

The group healing is Tuesday the 10th, and starts at 7:30 pm CST.

Dr. Dan will start at 7:30 pm CST with a short lecture and move into the Group Healing beginning at 8:00 pm CST.  If you cannot attend in person, please join us via teleconference.

The blessings for the San Antonio group healing will be as follows:

  1. Grand Design of Holy O Now
  2. Grand Design of Holy O Exodus of the Model of One
  3. Grand Design of Holy O Center Point

We invite you to join us in this opportunity to align with the new blessings and energies for you, your lineages, humanity and the Earth. The waves of energetic fluctuations can be gentler by participating in these gatherings.

Contact Cecelia directly for more information.


Message From Dan March 2014 Texas Trip

Dan called very excited today.  There are some great blessings that have come in since his New Mexico trip and the Texas group healings are going to be life changing.  We were so excited to hear what is upon humanity through these blessings that we asked to record his message and share it with you.

Directions to September 2014 location for Dr. Dan Bulverde events

We are delighted to have Dr. Dan Mathews events now at the lovely home of Cecelia Britton.

115 Alta Ave, San Antonio, TX 78209
Contact her
210-826-5555 home
210-838-7570 cell. She will also Text.

Here is a link to a map with directions:

Written Directions:

Hwy 281 N at Lp 1604 to Cecelia’s – 13.5 miles
Follow US-281 S to Jones Maltsberger Rd in San Antonio.
Take the Jones-Maltsberger Rd (and Basse) exit from US-281 S
Turn left onto Jones Maltsberger Rd
Continue straight to stay on Jones Maltsberger Rd. (The Quarry shopping center is on the right.)
Turn left onto E Basse Rd
Turn right onto Broadway St
Turn right onto Alta Ave ( Alamo Barber and Beauty Supply is at the corner on the right.)
115 Alta Ave is first house on the right directly across from church parking lot.

Dr. Dan is in Texas next week

Dr. Dan has said that the work is now including other Oniverse clusters since our Holy 0 Earth Oniverse cluster template has been repaired. Apparently when our Oniverse cluster broke at the downfall, which was the destruction of Atlantis, it had an effect on all other life forms and Oniverse clusters throughout Creation.

So our assisting in repairing the Crystal lattice matrix is much bigger than just our planet and our humanity and our individual lives. What a great privilege we have been offered! I, personally, am very grateful that all of you jumped on the this great adventure.

He is arriving in Texas next Monday, March 10th. Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday March 9th … YAY!!

He is in Bulverde-Spring Branch (San Antonio) area Tuesday, March 11th through Thursday, March 13th. The group healing is Tuesday evening at 7:30pm CDT

He is in Austin Friday, March 14th through Sunday, March 16th. The group healing is Sunday March 16th at 2pm CDT.

He is in various Houston locations beginning Monday, March 17th. Group healing is Tuesday, March 18th at 7:30pm CDT.

He is in Spring (north Houston) Friday, March 21st. A lecture is that Friday.

He is in Sheppard Sunday, March 23rd.

TELECONFERENCES are available for all group healings. To get the conference line number, go to

For Locations  and any other information, contact the sponsor for that location. See the page on the blog for 2014 Schedule and Sponsors’ contact information.

For information regarding this blog and the teleconferences, contact

Dr. Cassandra Campbell 210-549-8285
Rev. Brenda Braden 210-549-8245

Dr. Dan Mathews in New Mexico next week Feb 11-17

Join us next week for another opportunity to serve your soul and humanity. The new blessings since January are going very deep into the subatomic structure where healing occurs much easier and quicker.

There will be a Holy Divine Healing Lecture with Group Healing to follow:
8:00pm Mtn,
9:00pm Central,
10:00pm Eastern .

Dan will be in

Albuquerque TUESDAY, Feb 11, 2014, 8:00 p.m. CST and

Santa Fe FRIDAY, Feb 14, 2014,  8:00 p.m. CST.

Purchase Dial In HERE

There will also be a Jamez Springs  Group Healing but it will not be teleconferenced due to no phone reception

Teleconference Dial-in for Group Healing only (lecture will not be teleconferenced) You may purchase the number HERE

Group Healing will start at 8:00pm Mtn,   9:00pm Central,   10:00pm Eastern

Please dial-in 5 – 10 minutes early.

In Person:
TIME:  7 – 9 pm Mountain Time

Closing out January Activities

Dan has returned from his Texas tour and will be off to New Mexico next month.  That’s right, 2 short weeks and we will have more group healings.  Meanwhile, the store has been updated with the latest group healing recordings and dial in numbers through March. We have also marked down all of 2013 recordings 57% until the last day January.

If you attended this months group healings and wish to purchase the recording of it,  please use the teleconference pin number for that specific group healing as your coupon code when checking out.  If you attended in person please email us and we will get you the pin number.  You will receive the 57% discount using the coupon code.

Meanwhile, if you are in the Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Jemez Springs area Feb 11 thru Feb 18 there are still openings for private sessions on Feb 12 and 13 in the mornings.  Please contact Cassandra Noel 505.818.1078, Dan’s hostess for New Mexico if you would like one of those spots.



Message from Dr. Dan July 8

Dr. Dan is feeling really good about what we have available to shift during this trip to Texas. He said it has been an intense process for him the last two weeks as he has been receiving the new information. He is happy that he now has the blessings to shift the seven levels of consciousness from the downfall limitations to the Holy 0 full expression of our seven levels of consciousness. Just last night he received the blessing for creating the Holy 0 Christ Consciousness.

The areas of our lives that are disturbing are the ones that have veils on that level of consciousness or that aspect of the downfall that is still in our crystal lattice. He truly wishes that as many as possible will participate in either private appointments are group healings.

These veils can be lifted during private appointments at this time. When the veils are lifted from the earth in August 22-24 at Peace Valley Retreat, then we will able to lift the veils for humanity during the group healings in Texas in September.

He has TWO (2) AVAILABLE PRIVATE APPOINTMENTS. Wednesday, July 10, at 4pm, 5:30pm. Contact Dr. Cassandra Campbell for more information 210-549-8285 or 

To participate in the Bulverde group healing TOMORROW at 7:30pm cdt, click on the PURCHASE tab at top right of this site.
CORRECTION: Wednesday there will NOT be a lecture. Instead there will be a viewing of a video of Danaan Karry talking about the scientific and psychological implications of the Well of Knowing, which is the inner doorway to our True Knowing. Dr. Dan will be attending. No teleconference will be available.

Dr. Dan is holding a gathering at Peace Valley Retreat in Arkansas August 23-25 to lift the "veils" of the Downfall from the Earth. That information about reservations and/or teleconference will be available at a later time. There are accommodations on site and off site. He expects this gathering to be significant in bringing about the transition into the New Earth much, much easier for every one.

Check with Dr. Cassandra Campbell for possible private appointment openings, directions or any other information regarding Dr. Dan's visit to Bulverde.  210-549-8285.

Contact Brenda Braden for more information about teleconferences for the group healings in Texas the next two weeks.   210-549-8245.

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