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Dr. Dan is in Texas next week

Dr. Dan has said that the work is now including other Oniverse clusters since our Holy 0 Earth Oniverse cluster template has been repaired. Apparently when our Oniverse cluster broke at the downfall, which was the destruction of Atlantis, it had an effect on all other life forms and Oniverse clusters throughout Creation.

So our assisting in repairing the Crystal lattice matrix is much bigger than just our planet and our humanity and our individual lives. What a great privilege we have been offered! I, personally, am very grateful that all of you jumped on the this great adventure.

He is arriving in Texas next Monday, March 10th. Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday March 9th … YAY!!

He is in Bulverde-Spring Branch (San Antonio) area Tuesday, March 11th through Thursday, March 13th. The group healing is Tuesday evening at 7:30pm CDT

He is in Austin Friday, March 14th through Sunday, March 16th. The group healing is Sunday March 16th at 2pm CDT.

He is in various Houston locations beginning Monday, March 17th. Group healing is Tuesday, March 18th at 7:30pm CDT.

He is in Spring (north Houston) Friday, March 21st. A lecture is that Friday.

He is in Sheppard Sunday, March 23rd.

TELECONFERENCES are available for all group healings. To get the conference line number, go to

For Locations  and any other information, contact the sponsor for that location. See the page on the blog for 2014 Schedule and Sponsors’ contact information.

For information regarding this blog and the teleconferences, contact

Dr. Cassandra Campbell 210-549-8285
Rev. Brenda Braden 210-549-8245


Jemez Springs New Mexico HDH 4:00pm – 6:00pm Mtn Time

Dan is in Jemez Springs NM today. He will be doing a group healing this evening (see the directions below)

Dan was kind enough to give Vicki an overview of what will be done this evening. There is no phone reception in the area where they do the group healing, so there will not be a teleconference of this event. If you are in the area please try to attend. Cosima will record the event and we will get it on the store as soon as we can for those of us not residing in New Mexico.


Here is the information from Dan about the group session on Monday in Jemez Springs.

There are 4 Equations (in sequential order)

Holy O 1 – A blessing to heal the patriarchal back to holy divine masculine

Holy O Oniversal man – A blessing for the new man in the image of the Oniverse in regard
to its sexuality and it’s relationship to the divine feminine.
This is to replace the universal patriarchal man.

Holy O 2 – A blessing to transform the matriarchal back to Holy O feminine

Holy O Sub-atomic woman – A blessing for the microcosm of the divine feminine in regard to sexuality in relationships and to the cosmic order.
The implication is to the functioning of the Holy O Oniverse through its sexuality.


Individual Sessions: Monday Feb 17 1:30 to 3:30pm

Free Intro Talk, followed by Group Healing ($35 Love Offering): Monday Feb 17, 2014  4 – 6 pm

Contact: Cosima 575/829-3940 for more info or an appt.
Jemez Springs Location:
Cosima’s Art Studio at 134 Camino Azul in a golden yellow metal building across from the Jemez Public HIgh School between Jemez Springs and Jemez Pueblo just past mile marker #8 on Hwy 4.
From Albuquerque:
About 22 miles from Bernalillo on Hwy 550 make RT turn on Hwy 4 in San Ysidro to head North to the Jemez. About 8.5 miles from Hwy 550 you will see Jemez Valley High School on the left, make RT turn onto Camino Azul. The art studio is a little ways down on the right, usually well marked.

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