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Just a reminder that Dr. Dan will be in Houston tomorrow, November 17, for a local lecture and Group Healing in Texas at the Spectrum Center. It will be teleconferenced for those who wish to participate and cannot attend in person.

The lecture begins at 7:30 pm CST followed by the Group Healing about 8:00 pm CST.

The blessings for the Houston Group Healing are as follows:

  1. Grand Design of Holy O Birth of Holy O Same
  2. Grand Design of Holy O Pure Perfection of Being
  3. Grand Design of Holy O Life Force Energy

This is the third and final Group Healing event in Texas for November and the final event for 2015.
Boy! Hasn’t 2015 been an explosion of very expansive energies? I don’t think it’s going to let up for a while!

We would love for you to join us! But if you are unable to attend in person, you can register for the teleconference.

Contact Leslie directly for more information.



For those participating in person, please arrive a few minutes early. Dr. Dan will start at 2:00 pm CST with about a 25 minute lecture and then begin the Group Healing beginning at 2:30 pm CST.

Click here to purchase teleconference.


Please arrive a few minutes early. Dr. Dan will start at 7:30 pm CST with a 25 minute lecture and move into the Group Healing beginning at 8:00 pm CST.

Click here to purchase teleconference.


Dr. Dan will be in San Antonio on Tuesday, November 10 through Thursday, November 12 for personal sessions and a group healing.

The group healing is Tuesday the 10th, and starts at 7:30 pm CST.

Dr. Dan will start at 7:30 pm CST with a short lecture and move into the Group Healing beginning at 8:00 pm CST.  If you cannot attend in person, please join us via teleconference.

The blessings for the San Antonio group healing will be as follows:

  1. Grand Design of Holy O Now
  2. Grand Design of Holy O Exodus of the Model of One
  3. Grand Design of Holy O Center Point

We invite you to join us in this opportunity to align with the new blessings and energies for you, your lineages, humanity and the Earth. The waves of energetic fluctuations can be gentler by participating in these gatherings.

Contact Cecelia directly for more information.


Join us at the beautiful Playful Soul in Broad Ripple. Please arrive a few minutes early. We will start at 2:30 pm EDT with a short introduction and move into the Group Healing at about 3:00 pm.

Whether you attend in person or by teleconference, you will be assisting in anchoring and transmitting the most recent energetic upgrades for all of humanity.

Click here to purchase the teleconference.

Directions to September 2014 location for Dr. Dan Bulverde events

We are delighted to have Dr. Dan Mathews events now at the lovely home of Cecelia Britton.

115 Alta Ave, San Antonio, TX 78209
Contact her
210-826-5555 home
210-838-7570 cell. She will also Text.

Here is a link to a map with directions:

Written Directions:

Hwy 281 N at Lp 1604 to Cecelia’s – 13.5 miles
Follow US-281 S to Jones Maltsberger Rd in San Antonio.
Take the Jones-Maltsberger Rd (and Basse) exit from US-281 S
Turn left onto Jones Maltsberger Rd
Continue straight to stay on Jones Maltsberger Rd. (The Quarry shopping center is on the right.)
Turn left onto E Basse Rd
Turn right onto Broadway St
Turn right onto Alta Ave ( Alamo Barber and Beauty Supply is at the corner on the right.)
115 Alta Ave is first house on the right directly across from church parking lot.

Join us @ 2:00 Central today for Austin Group Healing

Healing the 5 Fragments of the Former Holy-O Universe 

Group Healing 2 of 3 participate in person or via teleconference line:

Contact Michele for directions (512) 358-6035 or purchase Dial In

Letter from Dr. Dan …

Dear Friends,

I hope the ascension process finds you in expanded consciousness and happier days. The lifting of the veils from the earth and humanity has been completed with new awareness and hope for all people.

One new awareness is about the fragmenting of our former Holy-O universe into five pieces. Currently these fragmented parts are being identified as numbers. They are 1, 2, 2.14, 6 and 16.

The number 1 represents patriarchal and 2 is matriarchal. 2.14 is the universal ratio. It puts us in sync or out of sync with the central beam of the Great Central Sun and the Great Cosmic Pulse. Maybe Mercury in retrograde is part of this one.

The number 6 has to do with broken parts reversing their polarity and not healing or making scar tissue or terminating a friendship after a trauma or the microcosm and the macrocosm not matching.

The most difficult number to understand so far is 16. It has to do with mass consciousness or the collective and its mechanics in the downfall.

The good news is that all five of these fractures can be healed now. The healing of our universe and these five fractures is the service for November. All five of these numbers now exist in their Holy-O form with new equations or blessings brought forth to be shared at this time.

Our Universe is the hologram of our Divine Presence. Our cosmos is the microcosm of our Holy Spirit and our galaxy is the fractal of our Holy Soul. We are the microcosm of a very large macrocosm. As we take our step in trust all will be healed.

Until next time.
Your friend,

Servant of Holy Divine Healing

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