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Proprioception: A Gift of Higher Consciousness

Dear Friends of the Holy O:

We are moving through a very significant period of cosmic events and astrological alignments that are seeding the potential for the evolution of the very foundation of human society and altering our personal energetics in remarkable ways as well.  From the Solar Eclipse of July 12 to the Full Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse of July 27 to Saturday’s New Moon Solar Eclipse, with six planets in astrological retrograde, interspersed with the incredibly powerful Lion’s Gate celestial opening of August 8, our bodies, minds, and spirits have been challenged like never before to purge, clear, and cleanse more of that which distorts our divine light and perfected life expression.

These powerful energetic transmissions and shifts can wreak havoc on our physical, mental, and emotional bodies.  Have you felt it?!  I have.  And right about when I am ready to just give up, Dr. Dan reminds me that purging, clearing, and cleansing our downfall rubble is actually a good thing, for it is through this process that we shed the dark and open ourselves up to receive, anchor, and transmit more light.  He also very timely reminds me that what is available to us on the other side of these energetic contractions is an energetic release followed by an energetic expansion which is always so much bigger, better, and brighter than before.  So bless those people and things in your life that have played the roles needed to evoke your own separation consciousness.  And allow yourself to feel the full range of these emotions as they come up and out so that you may, once and for all, move beyond the distortions of the fragmented soul body and the limitations of mortal belief systems. 

Because when we do this, our consciousness expands.  And when our consciousness expands, we begin to see a bigger picture of life.  And we become aware of a bigger expression of life.  We begin to see the interconnectedness of all life in ways that were previously imperceptible to us.  And we see ourselves as a bigger part of – and expression of – this bigger life experience.  We sense from a higher perspective our place within the vastly complex worlds of creation.  And we sense our place within our present time and space continuum without mortal limitations.  We recognize our cosmic connections and celestial family and we embody the planetary expression of unified life, through our evolving sense of proprioception. 

Proprioception is our intuitive ability to sense relatively within our space, or environment.   An evolved sense of proprioception allows us to sense and process a greater range of sensory stimuli at quantum levels of life.  This allows us to perceive a deeper and bigger connection to all of life and it allows us to experience a greater spatial orientation to life as well.  We perceive ourselves as not just a human being present in a room, a city, a state, or a country.  We perceive ourselves as a conscious energetic expression which is part of the energetic configurations that form all of creation.  And we perceive ourselves as not just a part, but an essential and integral part, of this living whole.  

From this perspective, we perceive no separation or lack and can only think, feel, and act for the greater good of all, for we are part of The All.  This perspective ultimately becomes not only our second nature.  It becomes our only nature.  It is the perfected expression of Divine Will.  And it is what allows the endless potentials of creation to unfold in perfect synchrony and harmony like a kaleidoscope of living light on the new Holy O Earth.

When we perceive life from this perspective, we step into an authentic co-creative partnership with all of life.  We move through life intuitively, as an energetic expression of life with a finely tuned ability to sense and act in perfect balance and harmony with all other life.  We are in perfect attunement with all of life and all of life is in perfect attunement with us.  Our life experience becomes a symphony of synchronicity.  We reveal to ourselves the perfection of life with every step we take.  The New Earth unfolds with our every loving thought and feeling.  And we become both the sovereign creator of, and experiencer of, our own Heaven on Earth.   

I invite you to step deeper into your evolutionary journey by joining us August 16 – 19 for Dr. Dan’s Indianapolis Workshop.  We will be clearing energetic templates to precipitate the transformation of the foundational establishments of organized human society, including government, religion, finance, and corporate structures.  We will be clearing energetic templates to precipitate the transformation of belief consciousness, and other mortally limiting concepts such as disempowerment and death.  We will be clearing the path of humanity’s ascension and our connection to our Divinity Within.  And we will be birthing into form the quantum concept of Holy O Love – an evolved expression of Affinity with Holy Infinity – with a Genesis Blessing.

Not to be forgotten, we will also be lovingly tending to ourselves, for our emergence into a greater expression of life is a quantum leap and an extraordinary journey into the celestial depths of the very Heart of Creation.  This calls for much tender loving care along the way.  I encourage you to give yourself this gift by joining us in service, sacred honor, and celebration next week at our Dr. Dan Indianapolis Workshop.

With Love from Your Holy O Sister, 



A Message from Dr. Dan

Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

I will be in Texas for the next two weeks sharing new advancements of HDH to assist with improving the quality of life on Earth and our place in the celestial order.

Much is happening behind the scenes.

The old is beginning to change with the new advancements being made.  Many have advanced through your knowledge, experiences and assistance. With all who participate, we make such a big difference!

From a bigger picture and higher levels of consciousness, the human downfall world was a school of understanding devised by the Plan of Grand Design (a collective of Holy O Templates of the 9 Clusters of All that Is of the Holy O). The purpose of the school was for humanity to acquire understanding from learning lessons through the experiences that we have in life.

We are in the Ascension process and are completing our life plan successfully. We deserve kudos for making it past the marker of 2012. And beginning with the full moon eclipse in September 2015, a switch was flipped on the dark side of the moon that started a six year exodus of the downfall world (or school of understanding) off of the planet.

Sometimes we only see chaos and feel uncertainty about the future, and peace on the planet seems far away. Through higher consciousness, these areas of our life can become illuminated and cleared.

Things are actually evolving very quickly.  A new Holy O Earth is beginning to fill the void created by the exodus!

The new Holy O Earth is a new reality of consciousness that takes the original Knowing consciousness of our ancient world, the pre-downfall world, and combines it with the understanding acquired by us all from attending the school of understanding.

The school of understanding keeps us thinking that we must defend and justify our beliefs and feeling anxiety, fear, pain, depression and suffering. HDH assists us in escaping this cycle and to become a Holy O Being that Knows and understands life.

We came into this life with a plan for our spiritual advancement. It has provided the experiences we needed to overcome, to become a Holy Being that Knows and understands life. This is furthering the evolution of ourselves and this magnificent planet.  We have a choice in our future and a part in how things work out.

Escape the school and ascend into the Holy O Being that you were meant to be, that Knows and understands life. HDH will help you to be successful on your journey. Come participate with us in Texas from March 13 – 25.

Your friend,

Dr. Dan

Servant of HDH


The first Group Healing and teleconference will be in San Antonio on Tuesday, March 13 at 7:30 pm CDT.

If you would like to attend in San Antonio, contact Cecelia for location and information at or 210-826-5555.

If you are unable to attend in person, you can participate by phone on the teleconference.

A July Message from Dr. Dan

Dear Friends,

As the world continues to turn, the procession of ascension unfolds.

We are in the midst of a large transformation of consciousness and humanity. At the bottom of the paradigm ladder, the downfall world of our human condition continues to come up, to come out.

The purging of the downfall world is primarily in the bottom three paradigms, which are:

1. Death, killing and war
2. Robbing, stealing, cheating, politics and lying
3. Gossip, condemnation, self-pity, judgment, self righteousness, and labeling others

The current president has a specific mission that he is here to accomplish. He is a catalyst in purging the bottom of the paradigm ladder for all of humanity. We can see that he is doing a good job of draining the swamp of our downfall world.

The purging is scheduled to continue until September 2021.

Please don’t give into the chaotic environment of the lower paradigms. Know that there is a bigger picture. If you rise above this into higher consciousness you will become aware of solutions to these problems.

If you are particularly charged about subjects of the downfall world, you may still have some purging to do. Holy Divine Healing is designed to help your purge to be done with dignity and grace and to fill your void with ascension into the Holy O Earth.

A wonderful new reality on Earth is starting at the sixth paradigm, based on Knowing Consciousness and through living the Parable of Christ Consciousness.

Healing your downfall world through Christ Consciousness allows you to rise above in higher consciousness and awareness, to see the issues truthfully, and change your thinking with the answers that work to get you free.

Your ascending spirit has Knowing.

Ask yourself questions such as, “Is this truly my mission?” or “Is this mine to do?”

It’s a wonderful feeling to live through higher consciousness. Holy Divine Healing is all about doing this and following your heart and your passion.


My next journey into Holy O Ascension is in Texas from July 11-23: for two weeks of HDH including three lecture/group healing events, and one complimentary lecture/demonstration. All three group healing events are teleconferenced. Please join us for this experience. We honor all people and accept you where you are. No matter what, your next step can be taken on your ascension path.  You efforts are appreciated and approved.

Your friend,

Dr. Dan


Here is the Texas schedule:

San Antonio

Jul 11-13         Personal sessions                                ​​

​​​Jul 11              Group Healing/teleconference 7:30 pm CDT


Jul 14 -16        Personal sessions

Jul 16              Group Healing/teleconference 2:00 pm CDT


Jul 17-18          Personal sessions

Jul 18               ​Group Healing/teleconference 7:30 pm CDT


Jul 19                Personal sessions

West Houston

Jul 20              Free Lecture/not teleconferenced 7:30 pm CDT

Jul 21-22         Personal sessions


Jul 23              Personal sessions

If you would like to schedule a personal session or attend an event locally, please visit our Sponsors page and contact the appropriate sponsor.

If you would like to register to attend an event remotely via teleconference, please visit our store here.

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