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8/8 Global Peace Meditation 11:00 a.m. cdt please join us

Global Peace Meditation.  Please join the 100M+ people that are moving our planet toward peace. There is power in numbers.  #IAMPEACE  #PRAYFORPEACE


Update for Spring TX ~ No Lecture July 18

We had posted that Dan would  be in Spring (north Houston) Friday, July 18th. A lecture is that Friday.  We were just informed there is no lecture July 18th at Judith’s house.   We will do our best to get an audio message out before Dan leaves for his Texas trip to update you a bit about what he will be doing on his journey through Texas in July.

Meanwhile, we can continue to send Dr. Dan love, light and gratitude for all he does for humanity.  Even when he is technically off he still is called by source to do blessings.  He truly never takes time off, because humanity never stops.  We will see all of you in just a few short weeks.



O’Eeliya Teleconference Friday-Power of Fear vs Power of Joy

Artist Daniel B. Holeman

Artist Daniel B. Holeman

An #Ascended Master of the #Atlantis Holy Divine Council is inviting you to attend a complimentary teleconference call with him this Friday, May 31.

To receive the teleconference number and an ebook on Unconditional Love by O’Eeliya, please click here This will subscribe you to the list that will automatically receive the number each month. If you have already subscribed, you should have already received your email.

@O’Eeliya is speaking about the power of fear vs. the power of joy. 

He talks about these emotions that determine what your reality is, especially in the #New Earth.  He will describe what happens in your body  and how that contributes to many aspects of your life. He will also describe how these effect other people in your life,  the planet and all of humanity.   He gives beautiful and understandable analogies to bring home the importance of being aware of  the power of emotion and the results.

Please plan to join us this Friday, May 31st, at 7pm CDT.

Thank you from O’Eeliya for being a beacon and holder of Light and Love on the planet. You are, without a doubt, a unique contributor to the forward movement into our New Earth.

O’Eeliya is sponsored  by @Dr. Cassandra Campbell and #Conscious Culture Spiritual Community

O’Eeliya is available for private appointments, for group gatherings and half-day conversations. Contact Dr. Campbell

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