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A Message from Dr. Dan – Water Connections

Dear Friends of HDH,

Many thanks for all who participated in our seminar-lecture and Group Healing in Indianapolis . The new work done there on the new Crystal Lattice of the Paradigm Matrix was perfect. The New Matrix starts at the 6th paradigm and goes through 999Paradigm. The bottom 5 paradigms (1-5) can no longer create on Earth and have about 5 years to run their course. The bottom 5 paradigms are on the same schedule as the exodus of the downfall world – about 5 more years. 

The new information that came in about the Celtic Order was very useful as well and was needed to connect our Soul, Spirit and Presence into a fully integrated Holy O.

Our next project is about water and the multitude of wonderful things it does, its connection to our emotional bodies and what happened to us through the Great Flood. The Great Flood is the line of demarcation from previously living about 800 years down to 30 – 50 years and from previously having a Crystal Light body to now having DNA. In the 9 Clusters of the All that Is of the Holy O, there are over 6 billion Earths and they are all connected by their oceans. Water plays a huge role in life and in all living things.

Our next seminar-lecture and Group Healing starts on September 6, 2016 in New Orleans. The Group Healing on September 6 begins at 7:00 pm central time and will put the new Crystal Lattice of our Holy O Ego Body into the mass consciousness of humanity. What an important next step in the Ascension of Humanity this is! 

As I have said before, our ego body is what monitors our Soul vessel and allows us to have consciousness and awareness–but it only makes trouble for us if our Soul vessel is fractured. A fractured Soul vessel is called “self” and self is the human condition of the downfall world. The new Crystal Lattice of our ego body is very similar to the ancient world recording ego body found in the Crystal Lattice of our Spirit world body. But it has a very important upgrade – it totally integrates into the 10 crystal exponential time-space coordinate system that replaces the ancient world matrix of Heaven on Earth aka the 13 dimensional matrix.

I call forth all light workers to assist us in this great unfoldment by attending the Group Healing in person, on the teleconference or free-style in your own way. All are welcome and very much appreciated and approved of. We accept you right where you are.

Your friend,

Dr. Dan

Servant of Holy Divine Healing

An important message from Dr. Dan

Dear friends,

The recent two week program of Holy Divine Healing in Texas was a huge success!

We went to new levels of consciousness on a personal level, integrated the Oniversal Plan of Grand Design not only into our beings, but into the celestial bodies of the nine Clusters of All that Is as well!

With the clearing and healing of the various Crystal lattices that create reality, like the Crystal core of the earth and the Oniverse, new levels of perfection engulf our world. The ascension comes from above. Thank you for your participation.

I am returning to Indianapolis, Indiana in August to continue the execution of The Plan of Grand Design to bring about this change.

We are moving the Indianapolis event ahead one week, to August 11-14, to place us in the perfect and right place within the exponential time orbit for the unfolding of the next step of our ascension process:  the perfection of the crystal lattices of the paradigm ladder.  These are equations that will change our world forever, for they are the divine blueprints of the realities of life experience.

Please join us for a private treatment session to clear and perfect your energy field, the Free Group Lecture and Demonstration to learn more about these unprecedented times, and the Group Healing on Sunday to apply your gifts in service to a quantum evolutionary leap for all of life.

Your friend,
Dr. Dan
Servant of Holy DIvine Healing


New Dates:

August 11 – 14, 2016

Private Treatment Sessions
August 11 – 14

Free Group Lecture and Demonstration
Thursday, August 11, at 7:00 pm EDT

Group Lecture and Group Healing
Sunday, August 14, at 2:30 pm EDT (1:30 CDT, 12:30 MDT)

Available by teleconference. Register here.

For information about availability of a private session or directions to attend the free lecture or group healing, contact Diane at

Cecelia and Dr. Dan welcome you

Dr. Dan’s San Antonio visit next Tuesday, March 10-12, for private appointments and the group healing.

The group healing is Tuesday, the 10th, and starts at 7:30pm CT. DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME BEGINS MARCH 8TH.

Dan will start at 7:30pm CT with a 25 minute complimentary lecture and move into the Group Healing beginning at 8pm CT.  If you cannot attend in person please join us via the teleconference.

This is an opportunity for you to align with the new blessings and energies for you, your lineages, humanity and the Earth. These waves of energetic fluctuations can be gentler by participating in these gatherings.
Contact Cecelia directly for more information or clarification.

New Audio on Dan’s SoundCloud

Dan has recorded a message reviewing 2013 and speaking about living as a Christed Being.  Please post your questions on this thread and we will have Dr. Dan answer them.

Message from Dr. Dan July 8

Dr. Dan is feeling really good about what we have available to shift during this trip to Texas. He said it has been an intense process for him the last two weeks as he has been receiving the new information. He is happy that he now has the blessings to shift the seven levels of consciousness from the downfall limitations to the Holy 0 full expression of our seven levels of consciousness. Just last night he received the blessing for creating the Holy 0 Christ Consciousness.

The areas of our lives that are disturbing are the ones that have veils on that level of consciousness or that aspect of the downfall that is still in our crystal lattice. He truly wishes that as many as possible will participate in either private appointments are group healings.

These veils can be lifted during private appointments at this time. When the veils are lifted from the earth in August 22-24 at Peace Valley Retreat, then we will able to lift the veils for humanity during the group healings in Texas in September.

He has TWO (2) AVAILABLE PRIVATE APPOINTMENTS. Wednesday, July 10, at 4pm, 5:30pm. Contact Dr. Cassandra Campbell for more information 210-549-8285 or 

To participate in the Bulverde group healing TOMORROW at 7:30pm cdt, click on the PURCHASE tab at top right of this site.
CORRECTION: Wednesday there will NOT be a lecture. Instead there will be a viewing of a video of Danaan Karry talking about the scientific and psychological implications of the Well of Knowing, which is the inner doorway to our True Knowing. Dr. Dan will be attending. No teleconference will be available.

Dr. Dan is holding a gathering at Peace Valley Retreat in Arkansas August 23-25 to lift the "veils" of the Downfall from the Earth. That information about reservations and/or teleconference will be available at a later time. There are accommodations on site and off site. He expects this gathering to be significant in bringing about the transition into the New Earth much, much easier for every one.

Check with Dr. Cassandra Campbell for possible private appointment openings, directions or any other information regarding Dr. Dan's visit to Bulverde.  210-549-8285.

Contact Brenda Braden for more information about teleconferences for the group healings in Texas the next two weeks.   210-549-8245.


July Texas Events

Dr. Dan Mathews is in Texas July 8 – 21.

He is clearing thousands of “veils” from crystal lattices now using Holy Divine Healing.
This allows people in private appointments to be free of the Downfall programming
in particular areas of life.

for people to take advantage of “veils” being removed.
July 11 at 11:45am and 4pm.
Contact Cassandra at 210-549-8285 to schedule one of these appointments in person.
Please pass this along to others.

These “veils” will be removed for the Earth August 23-25 at Peace Valley Retreat in Arkansas.

Bulverde Group Healing July 9th.
YOU are an important piece of this team!!
Please bring your body and spirit to the group healings

Teleconference available for ALL threeTexas Group Healings.

July 9th, 14th, 16th

Contact Dr. Cassandra Campbell 210-549-8285 and/or Brenda Braden 210-549-8245

Dr. Dan Mathews is sponsored by

Conscious Culture Community and

Campden Enterprises LLC.

Message from Dr. Dan July 3, 2012

This past Tuesday he talked about his journey this past month and what is coming our way very fast. He, too, has been experiencing the intense instability of inner life and the feeling of unrest. You are not alone!! He said his process is getting easier and he will be ready to head to Texas next week.

This is a short paraphrased summary of what he described.

After his first near-death experience and before he started traveling to Texas, he was told to make a book about the 57 dimensions of this reality. It took two years to complete the book.

Each dimension has 7 star systems except one that has 8 star systems. That one is the 52nd dimension. He was told to draw the template of the 57 dimensions. He found that when that template is placed over the human body , it covers from the jaw to the top of the head. The 52nd dimension is the eyes.

It was that 8th star system of the 52nd dimension where we connected to our Holy Divine Androgyne and Holy 0 Same. That is also where the alien invader entered and created the down fall. He still doesn’t know HOW the invasion happened.

This Texas trip is about repairing and healing the 57 dimensions AND the 8th star system of the 52nd dimension. He said “WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET FOR THIS ONE.” In all the years I have known Dr. Dan, he has never said that.


He said he has been given glimpses beyond the veil. There is a LOT of activity over there. They are creating the NEW crystalline lattice of Holy O Earth!!!! He said the templates are SOOO beautiful that he has no words to describe it.

As he was telling my about this, every cell in my body started vibrating and tears rolling down my face. I feel a tremendous relief. FINALLY we are SO close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He said to share this with everyone and tell them to stay out of fear and doubt. Use the Christ Consciousness prayer to stay in ACCEPTANCE, FORGIVENESS, SURRENDER, YIELDING, TRUST, ASKING FOR GUIDANCE!!!

PLEASE BRING YOUR BEAUTIFUL GIFTED BEING TO HELP WITH THIS. Your being present will also help YOUR life be easier and smoother.

What a GRAND time we will be having beginning next week July 10th here in Bulverde and progressing for two weeks through Houston.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you and having your Divine Presence with us next week.



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