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Dan Heads for Indianapolis

Join us this Sunday April 20, 2:30 p.m. Eastern time.  If you can’t attend in person join us through the teleconference number.  There is so much happening during the time Cardinal Grand Cross activation.

Dan will be calling tomorrow while he is on the road to give us an update on what to expect on Sunday.  Stay tuned for the audio to be uploaded once we get it.

Each and everyone of us counts.  When you choose to attend Holy Divine Healing Group events you choose to add your energetic signature and gifts to the blessings.  Each of us is a beacon for humanity, each of us came here for a reason, and each of us makes a difference.  Please assist us in this next step for our planet and for humanity.



Houston Group Healing Tonight 7-17-12

Tonight 7:30 central time there will be a group healing in Houston TX.  We will have a dial in number for this call, you can purchase it here

It is important to humanity that we all show up to participate because the gift that you are individually is what is utilized when Dan creates the blessing.

We were at a Transformational Conference when we facilitated the teleconference this past Sunday, and everyone who was in the hotel during that time was actively participating at some level whether they knew it or not.  What a grand gift to humanity.



Texas Group Healing teleconferences links

The links for the four Texas group healings teleconferences are now available. To connect and participate  and pay for these groups go to . There is a discounted fee for participating in all four group healings.

Dr. Dan has asked for “all the help we can get” to accomplish what is needed for the next step in our and humanity’s ascension process.

Please come on this amazing and exciting journey with us.

For other assistance with connecting to these links, contact Cassandra 210-549-8285 or Brenda 210-549-8245.

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