Hello Everyone,

I am having a Group Healing in Minneapolis, MN on Saturday, September 7, at 7:00 PM Central (8:00 ET, 6:00 MT, 5:00 PT) at the Courtyard Marriott Bloomington, 7800 Bloomington Ave S. I have beautiful new clearings and Ascension Keys for the Group Healing that will be teleconferenced.

The Minneapolis Group Healing will begin the integration process of cosmic consciousness for humanity. This process will be completed in 2 parts with the first being done in Minneapolis and then the second part will be completed at the New Orleans Group Healing on September 25 at 7:30 pm central.

The Minneapolis parts are Knowing and Love.

Each of the two parts will have two clearings, and then we will add two Ascension Keys, and two Earth equivalences. All will be performed live and in real time. 

It is $35 in person or by teleconference. Please arrive a little early to get seated. Contact Terri for questions at Theconnectingspirit@gmail.com 

If you are purchasing the teleconference you will receive an e-mail with a link to the download after payment is received (it will be a separate email).

For questions about purchasing the teleconference contact Vicki at drdanhdh@gmail.com.

We hope to see you there!

Dr. Dan


Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

Thank you for your support and participation in our Indianapolis event in August. The crystal lattice to connect humanity to cosmic consciousness was successfully installed. Since returning to Little Rock, I have been working on the components of cosmic consciousness daily. In September of this year I will be in Minneapolis and St. Paul and then New Orleans to install these four components of cosmic consciousness.

We have all heard it said that humans use only 10% of our brain function. Belief is the consciousness of the human world and since belief is a programmed consciousness from authority in the outer world apparently it only requires us to use 10% of our brain!

Cosmic consciousness is the activation of the other 90% of our brain plus the love particle of our heart. There are four major components of cosmic consciousness but so far only the first two have been revealed; Knowing and Love. This will be the subject of the Group Healing event in Minneapolis.

Knowing and Love must be blended into a 57 dimensional matrix to function on the cosmic realm. This is a Knowing and Love that will be shared freely with all who can function on this level. It is very important that we continue to purge our shadow of the downfall world debris and apply forgiveness and compassion as the antidote. This will prevent judgment and unforgiveness from editing our future and will illuminate our shadow part with higher consciousness or Knowing and Love. Then we will become Holy Beings of the Holy O once again!

Ascension is for seekers. Come and seek your Divinity by activating your Christ of Knowing and your Cosmic Being. This empowers you to become a Holy Being and join once again the cosmic community.

The Minneapolis HDH Event will be September 4-10. We will have a lecture and Group Healing on Saturday, September 7 at 7:00 PM CDT. I invite you to participate to clean your matrix motherboard and take your next steps up the ascension ladder to fulfill your Divine destiny!

All seekers are welcome and all sacred paths are honored, accepted and appreciated.

Your friend,

Dr. Dan

Servant of HDH

Holy Divine Healing in Minneapolis

Dr. Mathews will return to the Twin Cities September 4-10 offering individual healing sessions, a one-day workshop combined with Soul Breathing and a Group Healing event.

The workshop will combine Dr. Mathews’ Holy Divine Healing with Soul Breathing™ — a powerful breathing process facilitated by Terri Peterson. It will be on Saturday, September 7 from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Courtyard Marriott Bloomington, 7800 Bloomington Ave S.
The event will include new information received by Dr. Mathews the day of the event, and it is described as “magical, cutting edge and highly transformational.”

The Group Healing Event will take place on Saturday, September 7, that same evening, at the same location at 7:00 PM Central (8:00 ET, 6:00 MT, 5:00 PT).  The event includes a Q&A and it will be teleconferenced for anyone unable to attend in person.
As you share your gifts and your unique vibration, the group energy created together will assist with the upliftment of the planet and the expansion of human consciousness.
Click here to purchase the teleconference. 

The workshop and group event are expected to fill quickly and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The costs are:
Group Healing Evening Event – $35
Return to Innocence Workshop – $222

Register to reserve a spot at www.theconnectingspirit.com/CSC/Offerings.html
Checks and cash also are accepted.  

Contact Terri at theconnectingspirit.com, or theconnectingspirit@gmail.com.

You are invited to join us in the Group Healing today. If attending in person, please arrive a few minutes early to be seated. We will start at 2:30 pm ET (1:30 CT, 12:30 MT, and 11:30 PT) with a brief lecture and then begin the Group Healing.

Whether you attend in person or by teleconference, you will be assisting in anchoring and transmitting the most recent energetic upgrades for yourself and all of humanity.

Purchase teleconference 

Hello Everyone,

The following events will be occurring at the Group Healing for humanity tomorrow in Indianapolis. We hope you will be able to join us for this wonderful opportunity to help raise the paradigm of the Earth, yourself, and all others to higher consciousness.

The purpose of the Group Healing will be to create the Crystal Lattice to that is required to connect humanity to cosmic Knowing and cosmic consciousness. There are 3 steps in the Crystal Lattice matrix. 

  1. For Stonehenge there will be two clearings, two ascension keys and two Earth equivalences. 
  2. For the 954th ley line there will be two clearings, two ascension keys and two Earth equivalences.
  3. For the Great Central Sun there will be two clearings, two ascension keys and two Earth equivalences.

Group Healing

Sunday, August 18 at 2:30 pm ET (1:30 CT, 12:30 MT, 11:30 PT).

Purchase teleconference

If you cannot attend in person please join us by teleconference. Contact Diane at drdanindy@comcast.net if you need directions to attend in person.

We look forward to being with you!

Dr. Dan

A quick reminder that Dr. Dan Mathews will be in Indianapolis beginning tomorrow, August 15 through Sunday, August 18 for personal sessions, a Free lecture and a Group Healing event. Contact Diane for availability of private sessions or directions to the free lecture and Group Healing events at drdanindy@comcast.net

The Free lecture and demonstration will be tomorrow evening, August 15 at 7:00 pm ET (6:00 CT, 5:00 MT, and 4:00 pm PT).

Teleconference number: 302-202-1110 

PIN number:  771547

If you are unable to attend in person, please join us by phone on the teleconference.

Dear friends of Holy Divine Healing,

Thank you for your support and participation in the July workshop and Group Healing events in Texas. The installation of the ascension ladder is progressing extremely well and it is spreading so quickly that I get chills and strive to keep up.

Coming out of our shadow or downfall world and having our carry-ons (sins) removed starts the activation of our dormant Christ of Knowing particle which is known as Victory. Everyone has this particle as a component of our Trinity of Soul, Spirit, and Presence. When our Victory particle starts to activate we are connected to our Inner Divinity through the Holy O Royal Correlator, a seven element mechanism. Then our Victory particle connects us to the Christ Matrix Grid for our initial activation. There are six sacred paths to connect us through the Crystal Lattice of the Giza Pyramid, Sphinx, the 999th ley line and the South Pole to the Christ Matrix Grid. 

Total connection to the Christ Matrix Grid is the point of no return from the downfall world. Most all who participate in Holy Divine Healing have received all of the upgrades. That amazes me and encourages me to keep following the sacred path. 

The next phase of ascension starts in Indianapolis on August 15 with a free lecture that will be teleconferenced. It starts at 7:00 PM eastern time. (See the call in information below)

The Crystal Lattice to connect humanity to cosmic Knowing and cosmic consciousness will be installed at the next Group Healing in Indianapolis on Sunday, August 18, at 2:30 PM eastern time. It will be teleconferenced. This Crystal Lattice will consist of Stonehenge, the 954th ley line and the Great Central Sun. I invite you to come and participate in person or by teleconference and help make this part of ascension as successful as the events in Texas.

Thank you to all for your support and participation through higher consciousness (ascension) for all human dilemmas to be healed.

P.S. – A very special thank you to all who responded in my time of need from the event that happened to me in Houston. Nothing was taken that cannot be replaced. I have accepted this experience in my life as a purging of my ancient shadow and did a healing for compassion and forgiveness to be placed into the space of the experience. Once again, I thank you. I have been deeply touched by your kindness, support and prayers.

Your friend,

Dr. Dan

Servant of Holy Divine Healing

Dr. Dan Mathews

Indianapolis Workshop

August 15 – 18, 2019

Personal treatment sessions

August 15-18

Free Group Lecture and Demonstration (With Free Teleconference)

Thursday, August 15 – 7:00 pm ET (6:00 pm CT, 5:00 pm MT, 4:00 pm PT)

In person or by free teleconference

Teleconference Number:  302-202-1110

PIN number: 771547

Group Healing

Sunday, August 182:30 pm ET (1:30 pm CT, 12:30 pm MT, 11:30 pm PT)

In person or by teleconference

Purchase Sunday’s teleconference

If you would like to schedule a personal treatment session with Dr. Dan while he is in Indianapolis August 15 – 18, or attend the lectures in person, please email Diane at drdanindy@comcast.net.

Sadly, Dr. Dan’s vehicle was vandalized last night in Houston while he was in a restaurant having dinner. Both passenger side windows were broken out and unfortunately, he had locked his brief case in the back floor board with his bank bag and all of his cash and checks he had received from the Texas events.

The police stated that there is an ongoing criminal investigation as this has been happening throughout Houston.

If anyone that gave Dr. Dan a check would please cancel their original check and be so kind as to mail him another check he would be deeply grateful. Please contact drdanhdh@gmail.com or your local hostess if you need Dr. Dan’s home mailing address.

Also, please remember him in your thoughts and prayers as he completes the next 2 days of private sessions and drives back to Arkansas tomorrow afternoon.

We appreciate you all, thank you for your part in helping Dr. Dan recover from this unfortunate event.

Please join us tomorrow, Thursday, July 18 at 7:30 pm Central, in west Houston (Hwy 6 & Briarhills Pkwy) at Chere’s home. Dr. Dan Mathews will be giving a complimentary lecture and demonstration with Q&A. Everyone in attendance will receive the blessing at this no cost event. It will not be teleconferenced.

Dr. Dan will also be conducting private sessions in west Houston on Friday and Saturday, July 19-20.

Please contact Chere at 504-400-5155 or cheresvp@aol.com for location, questions or availability of private sessions.

Additionally, he will be in Cold Spring, TX on Sunday, July 21 for personal sessions. Contact Jerrie Beth for availability at jerriejoe@yahoo.com

The Group Healing event will begin tonight at 7:30 pm Central.

Please arrive a little early to get seated.

Contact Leslie for directions at Fuzzerfood@me.com

Click here to participate via the teleconference.

Additionally, Dr. Dan will be in Lake Jackson, TX tomorrow, Wednesday, July 17 for personal sessions. Contact Janet Castor for availability at janetcastor1@comcast.net

Dr. Dan will have a Group Healing at the Spectrum at the Preserve in Houston on Tuesday, July 16. It is located off 610 and TC Jester, 2060 North Loop West, Suite 205 in Houston, 77018.

We will start at 7:30 pm Central with a lecture followed by the Group Healing.

Please join in via the teleconference if you are unable to attend in person.

The Houston Group Healing will consist of connecting the final 2 sacred paths of our divinity to the Christ Matrix Grid.

For the first path, the constellation of Orion will be connected to the Christ Matrix Grid by way of our Inner Divinity. This will require 2 clearings and 2 ascension keys.

The second path will connect the constellation of Sirius to the Christ Matrix Grid by way of our Inner Divinity. This also will require 2 clearings and 2 ascension keys.

The mutating models of our life stream and resisting invaders will be calculated and cleared during our service.

Contact Leslie for information or directions at Fuzzerfood@me.com

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