Dr. Dan Mathews Videos

You can find more videos on Dr. Dan’s YouTube Channelyoutube

Interview done at The House of Light Sept 2012 This video stops at 5 Minutes we are attempting to get the entire lecture.

Dr. Dan Mathews 9/12/12 Lecture

5/16/12  Bulverde Lecture part 1

5/16/12  Bulverde Lecture part 2

6 Comments on “Dr. Dan Mathews Videos

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  2. Hello, I just finished watching all of Dr. Mathews videos. And I had a couple of questions.
    1. He says in one of his earlier videos that there is no longer any reincarnation- that everyone who dies, returns to the source. If we are now progressing toward ascension, if we die, do we also return to the source?
    2. He says that our purpose for being now is to purge our fears and beliefs. How do we know the fears and beliefs we need to purge. Is there a way we can find them quicker or will our higher being bring them up when we are ready?
    3. Does Dr. Mathews know what the 15 paths towards ascension or consciousness look like?

    I thank you and Dr. Mathews for all you do.

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