Holy Divine Healing Update

Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

On my last trip to the family beach house in Orange Beach, Alabama, new information and additional guidance was given to complete the Group Healing schedule for the second half of this year. The unfoldment of this information begins with the Group Healing on June 26, 2022. Your participation is vital for the Plan of Grand Design’s fulfillment. 

On the night of the May 15, 2022 Group Healing there was a full lunar eclipse. A blessing of Divine Decree for humanity to ascend from the 3rd paradigm of the shadow world to the 15th paradigm of cosmic consciousness was done. The 15th paradigm is the level of consciousness that creates enlightenment and the actualization of our Divine expressions.

While at the beach house, which is the location of the 9 Cluster Portal of the All that is of the Holy O, 6 new blessings were given for the Holy O New World. 

The first was to raise the emotional and mental body from the 1st paradigm of death and destruction to the O Paradigm of Androgyne Consciousness of the Holy Order. 

The second blessing was to raise our conscious mind from the 1st paradigm to the 

O paradigm. 

The third blessing was to raise our well-being from the 1st paradigm to the 

O paradigm. 

The fourth blessing was for Dan and Vicki to correct planetary alignments up to the 

O paradigm of androgyne consciousness. 

The fifth blessing was to allow humanity to connect to their Inner Divinity of 

O paradigm. 

I also discovered that our future being from the Holy O is the driving force of our guidance and ascension.

I will share more information about this during the next Group Healing on Sunday, June 26, 2022 at 2:00 PM central.

Your friend,

Dr. Dan

Servant of HDH

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