Group Healing on 2/27/2022

Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

Thank you for your essential participation in the ascension into higher consciousness of this world. Without you ascension could not happen. That’s how essential you all are! I am honored and very humbled to be part of this group.

The next bump up the ascension ladder occurs on Sunday, February 27, 2022 at 2:00 PM central. The subject is the Holy O Sound Currents of the Trinity of the New Holy O World.

Sound currents are in the linkage of creation. And the Holy Order of all creation was initiated with Divine thought that produced sound currents, that produced light, that produced reality. The sacred Feelings Chart is a tone scale with seven tones similar to a piano. Each tone has 10 octaves for a total of 70 feelings or 70 tones. The Feelings Chart has 70 expressions of love that consumes 70 expressions of fear. This will be explained in more detail during the Group Healing on Sunday.

We invite all light workers to participate in this Group Healing by participating in the teleconference or by participating in your own special way.

Click here to purchase event.

Your friend,
Dr. Dan
Servant of Holy Divine Healing

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