2022 News

Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

Welcome to the New Year of adventure and ascension! It is the ascension of the cutting edge of higher consciousness that fuels the purging of our human shadow world until nothing is left in our shadow. Our divineness will prevail!

There will be seven Group Healing teleconferences held beginning on January 16, 2022 and going through May 22, 2022. There will be a new Group Healing teleconference every three weeks during this time period. All will be held on Sunday afternoons at 2:00 PM central time. 

The subject of the first Group Healing teleconference on January 16 is the Holy O Sovereignty of the Trinity of the Holy O New World. This group healing will restore Divine sovereignty to the trinity of Holy O Humanity, Holy O Earth, and Holy O Inner Earth, through the origins of each of our Divine expressions and in our trinity expressions as the Holy O New World. 

These blessings of divine decree are phenomenal and far reaching. All light workers are needed to come forth with your sacred gifts to help create a mighty tapestry of great strength and viability to make this event a happening. All are invited to this event to participate in our Group Healing teleconference or you can participate in your own special way.

Your friend,
Dr. Dan
Servant of HDH

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