This Sunday’s Group Healing

Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

Thank you for your participation in the Feb 7 Group Healing sacred service of the Holy O. As we united our sacred gifts to ascend humanity, the Holy O Earth and the Inner Earth; a special beam of light, the 3-fold flame of Emerald, Violet and Gold emerged from the love particle of our hearts. This light is the evidence of sound currents from the Divine that manifests the Holy Order of O.

In the next Group Healing on February 21, 2021, at 2:00 PM central, we will bring forth the six postulates of integrity. Integrity is a blend of honor and responsibility. It is a virtue that glorifies our Divinity and stands out as a guiding light of our ascension.

All are invited and welcome to join the February 21st Group Healing. Your participation is requested as well as your sacred gifts, which are necessary to accomplish the task of ascension. Come and be with us in our Group Healing teleconference, or in your own special way.

Your friend,

Dr. Dan

Friend of HDH

Click here to register for the teleconference

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