SUNday’s group healing

Dear Friends of Holy Divine consciousness,

Welcome to a New Year of HDH for humanity, Holy O Earth, and the Inner Earth! This is the last year of the great purge and as it continues it brings in new realities of higher consciousness to integrate into a new Holy O Earth.

About a month ago a new and expanded eighth level of Holy O Consciousness appeared in my personal sessions. It is the androgyne consciousness of the O Paradigm. It is beyond Goddess consciousness of the 999 to the power of seven paradigm. In cosmic mathematics O is whole and is the largest number of all.

In the Group Healing teleconference on January 10 at 2:00 PM central we will begin the integration of androgyne consciousness into humanity, Holy O Earth and the Inner Earth with six clearings, six blessings and six ascension keys.

Come and help us with your sacred gifts, open heart and open mind as the Holy Order of life fills the voids, beats our hearts and shows us the way to glorify all that is good.

Your friend,

Dr. Dan

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One Comment on “SUNday’s group healing

  1. How about that?!

    Our circle Thursday connected to this ‘new’ paradigm.

    Deborah Holt Quantum Coach * Team Transformer * Leader Results 816.444.0796 * 816.729.1479 cell Your potential is my passion.

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