Season’s greetings from the family of HDH

As we begin a new year, a clearing and reset are in order. 

2020 was indeed a perfect year – in hindsight. It certainly wasn’t perfect to live through, but it was necessary to get us to the next stage. The traumas of 2020, such as the pandemic and political turmoil, have triggered past energy that is weighing heavily on our daily lives. This is a natural, normal process which is happening to everyone because this is the season of the great purge (September 2015 – September 2021). It is not pleasant, but it is necessary because we cannot take this energy with us into the new Holy O Order of Earth. It has to come up to come up to come out.

As the end of the purge nears, sanity will return and an expansion of consciousness will ensue. From this higher paradigm, we’ll see a bigger picture of life and the answers we seek will become obvious. It is amazing to see light where there previously was none. Now you are ready to use your creation right of a Divine Decree. Center your holiness in your divinity and cast your creation through Divine Decree. 
Saint Germain has a book of Divine Decrees that can be purchased, and our dear friend Gracia has put the Divine Decree and the standards they need to meet into written form. These were talked about in the November teleconferences. I have included Gracia’s contribution following this message.

Sacred service was completed on December 21, 22, 23, and 24 which set the trajectory
for 2021. A lot of wonderful things are coming our way! The next Group Healing teleconferences for 2021 will be on Sunday, January 10 and 24 and both will be at 2:00 PM central. Lightworkers are invited to bring forth your sacred gifts and join us in our Group Healing or in your own special way. O-allelujah to the Trinity of O-ness of humanity, Holy O Earth and the inner Earth!

Your friend,
Dr. Dan
Servant of Holy Divine Healing

Dr. Dan’s Divine Decree

Anytime in life when you have a tough challenge, such as a hard phone call to make, or a challenging meeting/event/situation to deal with, you can use this Divine Decree. The Divine Decree works really well if it passes these three tests:

  1. What you are asking for should glorify the Holiness of Life.
  2. What you are asking for should be of the highest benefit for all people or parties – including yourself.
  3. What you are asking for should create loving, hopeful, and kind feelings into All of Life.

If your decree meets these three conditions, the Intelligence of Life will be compelled to make it happen. This will work a lot better when we get into Knowing Consciousness (released from belief consciousness). It will actually work infallibly when we get to that point!

Dr. Dan’s Daily Decree

I command my Divine Presence to put a Tube of Light through and around me, to shield and protect me from all forms of discord. Go before me and bring out only the very best and highest in all others, situations and events. 

2021 Schedule of Group Healing Teleconferences

Sundays at 3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT, 1:00 pm MT, 12:00 pm PT

January 10

January 24

February 7

February 21

March 14

March 28

April 11

April 25

May 16

Teleconferences will be posted for purchase in the online store on a monthly basis in our store at

If you cannot participate in the live teleconferences, the recording will be available in the online store a day or two after the event. 

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