Holy Divine Healing in October

Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

Thank you to all that participated in the September Group Healings that were assisted by the beautiful supporters in Minnesota. The fingerprint of your sacred gifts are in the hard drive of the new Holy O Earth grid. Congratulations to all who assisted in this important global service project!

This makes you a contributor to the new Holy O Earth, a new paradigm of existence based on higher consciousness and a bigger picture of life. This allows us to see the purpose for our purge and to have great hope in that which is to come.

The good news is that we will continue the Holy Divine Healing Ascension work and integration of more of the Holy O Androgyne tools into the Holy Earth Grid for All Humanity, the Holy O Earth and the inner Earth in two teleconferenced Group Healing events from my Arkansas home in honor of our New Mexico Holy O Communities.  More detailed information will be coming your way in a few days, so stay tuned and in the meantime,


SUNDAY OCT 11TH, 2:00 pm CT, 3:00 pm ET, 1:00 pm MT, 12:00 PT

SUNDAY OCT 25TH, 2:00 pm CT, 3:00 pm ET, 1:00 pm MT, 12:00 PT

SUNDAY NOV 15TH, 2:00 pm CT, 3:00 pm ET, 1:00 pm MT, 12:00 PT

SUNDAY Nov 22ND, 2:00 pm CT, 3:00 pm ET, 1:00 pm MT, 12:00 PT

Plan to participate with us on our next steps on our collective Journey Home!

You are highly encouraged to register and participate in all Group Healing events via the website HERE! They are now like receiving the healing blessings of several private sessions within the exponential energy of the global service events!  Thank you for your continued service and support of this critical and timely Ascension work – each and every one of your GIFTS is so needed and welcome at this time!

Love and blessings,

Dr. Dan

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