2020 August Indianapolis workshop

Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

Thank you for your participation in the July Group Healings. The fingerprint of your sacred gifts
is now in the hard drive of the new Holy O Earth grid. Congratulations to all who have assisted
in this important project!

This makes you a contributor to the new Holy O Earth, a new paradigm of existence based on higher consciousness and a bigger picture of life. This allows us to see the purpose for our purge and to have great hope in that which is to come.

In the new Holy O Earth are the answers to the problems that were created by the human
downfall world. The greater heals the lesser!

We are transforming from a world of separation based on our differences, to a world of
community based on our commonality. With your help and assistance participating in the
Group Healings, the six Cosmic tools are now in the hard drive of the new Holy O Earth grid and
it’s working to assist all people of this Earth. So, what is next?

There are four androgyne tools to be placed into the hard drive of the Holy O Earth grid. Their
purpose is for the integration of all humanity, back into the nine clusters of the All That Is of the
Holy O Earth, our original home. We are ascending from a human of belief consciousness in a
universal model, into a Holy Being of the Holy O of Knowing Consciousness with understanding
model, in a matrix of the nine clusters. The four androgyne tools will allow us to complete this

The first androgyne tool will be introduced into the hard drive of the Earth grid during the
upcoming Indianapolis Group Healing on August 16, 2020 at 2:30 PM Eastern. The Group
Healing will be conducted from my Arkansas home.

The first tool to be completed on this date is the androgyne nine cluster home tool. This tool
will allow us to transform from a human of belief of the universal matrix into a Holy Being of
Knowing and understanding in the nine cluster matrix. We will begin moving into a new home.
There are three parts to the androgyne nine cluster home tool. The three parts are cosmic
relationships, cosmic missions and cosmic agreements. The August 16 Group Healing will
consist of conducting one clearing, then one blessing and next we will add two ascension keys
for each of these parts.

You are invited to participate by teleconference and assist the Group Healing with your sacred
gifts. Together we will accomplish our mission to help further the ascension of our planet and
all people. To unite all into a Holy O allows us to come together based on our commonality and to reconnect with our inner divinity. The kingdom of our Lord is within us. Thank you for your

Your friend,
Dr. Dan
Servant of Holy Divine Healing

To purchase this event, click here

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