HDH in JULY – Texas

Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

I’ve am honored to be writing this message to you on Father’s Day. I have wonderful memories from my past of Father’s Day family reunions. I am fortunate to have had such great role models in my family and realize how important fathers are to their children and families. I have been very blessed in this life with wonderful family, the one I was raised in, the one I helped create with my wife and children and with the Holy Divine Healing family. You are all family to me.

When things were tough in my life, my father had a way of creating a bigger picture for me that allowed things to have purpose and for hope of a better day to come. I would like to do this now for you concerning the world we are living in today.

The bigger picture of life is a creation of much higher consciousness then we are currently experiencing. When we rise above the present situations, suddenly life has purpose and there is great hope for what is to come. Only in the combat zone of where the rubber meets the road is there chaos, confusion and fear. The darkness of humanity, based on the beliefs of the negative ego, tries to keep us in the combat zone by separating us by our differences.

In belief consciousness, our ego creates fear, pain and punishment.

In Knowing consciousness, our ego creates appreciation, approval and acceptance.

The greater consumes the lesser.

We are now in the darkest days of the great purge of the human downfall world. It started on the full moon eclipse of September 2015 and will end in September of 2021. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come. The corruption of human institutions will all be cleansed with other big surprises that are sure to come.

Why is this occurring? It’s because we are evolving into a new Holy O Earth with humanity, Holy O Earth and the Inner Earth in a trinity of oneness. For this to happen we must clean up our mess both personally and collectively.

How shall we do this? I recommend that we do this by living the Parable of Christ Consciousness. This allows the ‘big you”, your Inner Divinity, to relieve your human effort of doing it yourself, the “little you”,  and rise above the personal chaos, fear and bleak future that is based on your belief and allow you to be shown, led and comforted by the higher power of Knowing consciousness from the Lord of your Being, your higher power. And it’s all in agreement from one person to another. Knowing consciousness of the Divine unites all people. Our belief consciousness separates us into religion, race, politics, gender etc.

The HDH Texas trip scheduled for July will happen virtually from my home in Arkansas. I have some times available for individual phone session but I am limited as I must have a surrogate for the phone sessions and it depends on their availability.

Spirit has told me that we are entering a new molecular orbit of vast expansion and the Group Healings will be turbo charged and will speak to the needs of everyone who participates. This is how HDH will be propagated in the foreseeable future. Participating in Group Healings from our homes or in small groups will help to keep us all safe in during these times. I must trust in my new directive from the Divine.

Please join me as hope for a new Holy O Earth takes form based on the Knowing of our Lord, our Inner divinity. In the Knowing of our Inner Holiness, the solutions to belief consciousness of our human condition are healed. The greater holds the answer to the lesser. All are invited to participate in the 3 upcoming teleconferences and help in the efforts to transform our human existence into the Holy Order of Holy O and heal humanity and the planet.

Your friend,
Dr. Dan
Servant of HDH

July 2020 HDH Group Healing Teleconference Schedule

July 7

San Antonio HDH Teleconference 7:30 pm CT

July 12

Austin​​ HDH teleconference 2:00 pm CT

July 14

Houston HDH teleconference 7:30 pm CT

The subject of the three Group Healings will be about integrating the six cosmic tools of our cosmic being into the hard drive of the Earth grid for humanity, the Holy O Earth, and the Inner Earth. The Group Healings will consist of an update of what’s going on in the world and an explanation of the cosmic tools. Two cosmic tools will be integrated during each Group Healing.

To register for teleconferences, please visit www.HolyDivineHealingStore.com

One Comment on “HDH in JULY – Texas

  1. Thank you Dr. Dan and to your family..for the work that is been created in awakening to who we are. Will be on the conference call for all 3 places in Texas..and will also try to get a private session via phone in. Peace, The DiPasquale family

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