Indianapolis update

Greetings, all. We have an update to share with you about Holy Divine Healing in Indianpolis this month.

The Indiana Governor has extended a stay-at-home order until May 1. Because of this, we unfortunately must cancel the in-person Holy Divine Healing Workshop events in Indianapolis. Instead, the Indianapolis event will be conducted from our home in Arkansas. For all phone listeners, nothing will change. For those that planned to attend in person, you may still participate in these events remotely. The Lecture on Thursday, April 23 will still be free to all (see details below), and the Group Healing on Sunday, April 26 will be available by purchasing the teleconference here.

We will dedicate the blessings on April 23 to health and strength, and keeping the body in a renewed state of growth. Next, on April 26, all participants will receive the Blessing of Higher Consciousness, which will be collectively created by the group’s Inward Divinity. Your unique sacred gift will bring forth ascension to the Earth grid, so that all humanity can reside in the higher frequencies of consciousness.

The Sunday Group Healing will feature the Great Unfoldment as we create the energetic architecture needed to allow us to perceptually access the higher intelligence of our Divine Source Within. There will be six equations preformed addressing our Holy O Eye of Androgyne, Holy O Councils of the Neutron Stars, and Holy O Manifestations.

Please know that we care deeply about your well being during this challenging time. We invite you join us in the return to the Inner Source of peace, health, and good fortune by participating in these healing activities next week.

Trust in your Inner Holiness to lead you through these troubled times.

Free Group Lecture and Demonstration by teleconference
Thursday, April 23
6:00 pm CT / 7:00 ET
Teleconference Number: 302-202-1110
PIN: 771547

Sunday Group Healing: The Great Unfoldment
Sunday, April 26
1:30 pm CT / 2:30 pm ET
purchase teleconference here

Please contact Diane at or email if you need help rescheduling a personal session.

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