Dr. Dan Mathews is in Houston!

Dr. Dan will have a Group Healing at the Spectrum at the Preserve in Houston on Tuesday, Mar 17. It is located off 610 and TC Jester, 2060 North Loop West, Suite 205 in Houston, 77018.

We will start at 7:30 pm Central with a lecture followed by the Group Healing.

Please join in via the teleconference if you are unable to attend in person. 

The focus of the Group Healing in Houston will be about connecting the Earth to Goddess consciousness. There will be two major connections made and for each connection there will be two clearings and the addition of two ascension keys. The first connection will connect the Helios crystal of the Milky Way Galaxy to the Earth. The second will connect the sound currents of Genesis with the Earth. 

Contact Leslie for information or directions at Fuzzerfood@me.com

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