Texas March 2020

Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

Thank you to all for the wonderful support and participation in the New Orleans Group Healing event in February. Bringing the inner Earth into a Trinity of Wholeness has been a huge step in the Ascension process. Not only have we been connected to our core, but the ghouls, which represented eight types of disincarnates, are now gone from the Earth and all people on the Earth. Two days after the Group Healing event, the ghouls were no longer detectable on the Earth or in any person. Wow!

My attention has now turned to the Texas events in March. The service in the Group Healing events will focus on connecting humanity and the Holy O Earth to Goddess Consciousness. This is the pinnacle of the ascension ladder. When this level of consciousness is fully actualized, we will Know the kingdom of God is within us in terms of a full connection to our inner divinity. This returns our light within us and we will no longer produce a shadow. What a glorious thing this will be. In our holiness we are Same with no separation.

I invite all light workers to join us in our Ascension efforts. All are welcome to participate and assist with your own special and sacred gifts.

Your friend, 

Dr. Dan 

Servant of Holy Divine Healing

For locations, contact information and to register for events go to  www.HolyDivineHealingStore.com

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