New Orleans February 2020

Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

Thank you all for your support for the January Group Healing events in Texas. Now, the crystal lattice to connect humanity and the Earth to Goddess consciousness has been installed into the hard drive of the Holy O Earth grid.

This month I will be in New Orleans, Louisiana, February 12-15. There will be a Group Healing event on Wednesday, February 12 at 7:30 PM central time and personal session appointments available February 12-15. Contact Terri Puglia for details at

The Group Healing in New Orleans will focus on connecting the inner Earth to the crystal lattice of Goddess consciousness. The inner Earth is a different part from the Earth and has to be connected to the hard drive of the Earth grid separately from the Earth itself. The inner Earth is a cavernous bulb inside of the Earth and it has three main parts. They are the Great Central Sun, the Christ matrix grid, and the South Pole. The South Pole is not only the entry to the inner Earth but also completely lines the inside of the bulb. These three parts have been cleared and cleansed already and will be integrated into a Trinity of wholeness at the Group Healing. This is a very critical step of ascension for the planet and for humanity. All lightworkers are invited to help in this endeavor.

Please come to the event in person or join by teleconference. We need a mighty force to form our crystal of the Holy O to perform this service. All people, other helpers and their gifts are welcome to be part of this auspicious event.

Your friend,
Dr. Dan
Servant of Holy Divine Healing

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