Tuesday Jan 14 Dr. Dan will be in San Antonio

Dr. Dan Mathews will be in San Antonio Jan 14-16.

He will have a Group Healing on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 7:30 pm Central and will begin with a lecture followed by the Group Healing. 

The focus of the Group Healing in San Antonio will be about connecting humanity to the crystal lattice of goddess consciousness. There are two major parts and for each connection there will be two clearings and the addition of two ascension keys. The first will connect the Amazon River, which represents our cardiovascular system and is the heart of the Earth. The second part will connect the Mayan city of Tulum, which is where the O ley line of this Oniverse connects to the Earth.

The revelations of the Plan of Grand Design continue to unfold and have been essential for the ascension process. Group Healings are for all of humanity and are done through the collective of mass consciousness. We are assisted by the Holy O temples of the neutron stars. The clearings and addition of ascension keys are assisted by your unique healing gifts. Your presence at these events truly makes a difference! 

If you are unable to attend in person, you can participate by phone on the teleconference. Contact Cecelia for information at cbritton@satx.rr.com

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