Please contact the appropriate sponsor to schedule personal sessions or to attend a Group Healing in person.

To join a Group Healing via teleconference, visit our store here.

Dr. Dan does remote (over the phone) private appointments when he is at home. Please leave him a message at (501) 416-1996 or email drdanhdh@gmail.com and he will call you back to schedule your appointment.

OCTOBER – New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE – October 15-16

Group Healing – October 15, 7:00PM MT
Personal sessions

SANTA FE – October 17-19

Group Healing – October 18, 7:00PM MT
Personal Sessions

LOS ALAMOS – October 18 & 20

Personal Sessions

JEMEZ SPRINGS – October 21

Personal Sessions
Group Healing – 4:00PM MT
(not teleconferenced)


SAN ANTONIO – November 12-14

Group Healing – November 12, 7:30PM CST
Personal sessions

AUSTIN – November 15-17

Group Healing – November 17, 2:00PM CST
Personal Sessions

HOUSTON – November 18-19

Group Healing – November 19, 7:30PM CST
Personal Sessions

LAKE JACKSON – November 20

Personal Sessions

NORTH HOUSTON – November 21-23

Free lecture – November 21, 7:30PM (not teleconferenced)
Personal Sessions – November 22-23

COLDSPRING – November 24

Personal Sessions

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