New Mexico October 2019

Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

A heart felt thank you for all of your support and help with the Group Healing in New Orleans in September. This event completed all of the formulations and blessings of higher consciousness into humanity through the hard drive of the Earth grid to complete cosmic consciousness. The first part was completed in Minneapolis at the headwaters of the Mississippi River, and the completion of the second half at the mouth of this great river in New Orleans. Now we will be working from a river basin that flows from the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachian Mountains. That feels great!

Even though most people cannot do cosmic consciousness yet, it pulls us all up the ladder of ascension and has planted the seed for its manifestation. Components of cosmic consciousness are now being utilized to help heal parts of our shadow. The various sacred geometries of the ring connectors, which are the tools of our cosmic beings, are utilized for deeper clearing of our shadow.

Each person has a cosmic being that knows what is needed for their next step into cosmic consciousness. This cosmic being has been dormant in us in the human downfall world but awakens and activates as we finish our six sacred paths of the Christ matrix grid. This is perfect timing for our Ascension.

The higher up the Ascension ladder we go, the deeper into our shadow we will purge. This ensures that we clean up our mess as we ascend. In cosmic consciousness, when stuff happens in our lives, we recognize and realize that it’s just the purging of our shadow. If we respond with forgiveness and compassion, we will weed our garden. Then as we go through our lives we will grow a lush, beautiful garden that will glorify the divinity of our Inner Holiness, be of benefit to all living things and create loving feelings in the hearts of humanity.

I will be in New Mexico this month with 3 lecture/Group Healing events in 7 days. These 3 Group Healings will shift the focus from humanity to the Earth, our mother and the source of our life. Our 7 Earth equivalences will be cleared, cleaned and placed into the hard drive of the new Holy O Earth. Please join us as we stand up for the new Holy O Earth and its ascension into the Oniversal community.

You are invited to help us with your sacred gifts. Come and shine your light as this once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself.

Your friend,

Dr. Dan

Servant of Holy Divine Healing



Oct 15-16 Personal sessions

Oct 15 Group healing/teleconference 7:00 pm MT (8:00 pm CT, 9:00 pm ET)

Contact Liz at

Santa Fe

Oct 17 & 19 Personal sessions

Oct 18 Group Healing/teleconference 7:00 pm MT (8:00 pm CT, 9:00 pm ET)

Los Alamos

Oct 18 & 20 Personal sessions

Contact Gracia for both Santa Fe and Los Alamos at

Jemez Springs

Oct 21 ​ Personal sessions

​​​Group Healing 4:00 pm MT (Not teleconferenced)

Contact Cosima at

If you have not already made an appointment for a private session in New Mexico or need information about the Group Healing events, please contact the appropriate sponsor for each location.

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