Holy Divine Healing in New Orleans

Dear friends of Holy Divine Healing,

Thank you for all your essential support for the Group Healing event in Minneapolis earlier this month. The first two parts of cosmic consciousness were successfully installed into the Earth grid for all of humanity to integrate. The two parts are Knowing and Love. The Integration of the nine Knowing centers of our brain with Love, the force through which Divinity operates, were put together. This will create a Knowing that will glorify our Holy O origin, be of benefit to all people, and produce loving feelings into all of life. It’s a beautiful thing!

On Wednesday, September 25 at 7:30 PM central, the second part of cosmic consciousness will be installed during the New Orleans Group Healing event. The two parts to be installed are Enlightenment and Actualization. To become aware of our role and place in the new Holy O Earth with the ability to manifest our Divine expression into life is a glorious thing! The infrastructure of the new Holy O Earth is being installed now as the final two years of purging our downfall world continues. This makes for a tumultuous world to live in. The higher up the paradigm ladder that we ascend the deeper into our shadow we will purge. This ensures that we clean up our mess as we ascend.

I invite you to attend the lecture and Group Healing event in New Orleans either in person or by teleconference. The sacred gifts of the 177 million light workers on the planet is what makes this all possible. Come and share your gifts as ascension continues to unfold.

With loving thanks,

Dr. Dan

Servant of Holy Divine Healing

Beginning September 25, I will be in New Orleans for a week with my wonderful sponsor, Terri Puglia. We will have a lecture and Group Healing on Wednesday evening, September 25 at 7:30 pm central. Private sessions are available throughout the week.

Contact Terri at terripuglia@gmail.com

If you are not in New Orleans, you can still attend Wednesday’s group healing remotely by joining us on the phone. Click here to join the teleconference.

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