Dr. Dan needs your help!

Sadly, Dr. Dan’s vehicle was vandalized last night in Houston while he was in a restaurant having dinner. Both passenger side windows were broken out and unfortunately, he had locked his brief case in the back floor board with his bank bag and all of his cash and checks he had received from the Texas events.

The police stated that there is an ongoing criminal investigation as this has been happening throughout Houston.

If anyone that gave Dr. Dan a check would please cancel their original check and be so kind as to mail him another check he would be deeply grateful. Please contact drdanhdh@gmail.com or your local hostess if you need Dr. Dan’s home mailing address.

Also, please remember him in your thoughts and prayers as he completes the next 2 days of private sessions and drives back to Arkansas tomorrow afternoon.

We appreciate you all, thank you for your part in helping Dr. Dan recover from this unfortunate event.

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