Dr. Dan is coming to Texas!

Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

Thank you for your support during the New Orleans event in February. It’s always a joy to be with the wonderful people there and the Group Healing and teleconference was a huge success. The crystal lattice of Divine will, Divine choice and Divine manifestation are now in the Holy O Earth grid for all of humanity to utilize. Practicing the Parable of Christ Consciousness is all that is required to access it.

As we continue the purge of the shadow part of our lives, a new crystal lattice is being installed into the Holy O Earth so we can all ascend into higher consciousness. After the interference of the downfall world (problems of all types – karrions and cordings from the outer world) is cleared and cleansed from our being, we can reconnect to our divinity. Our divinity is the Holiness of life that beats our hearts.

Whether you call it God, Divine Presence, Lord of My Being, or any name that you prefer, the point is: if your heart beats, it’s in you.

A Christed Being learns to surrender, yield and trust in their Divinity.

Additionally, there is a new Christ Matrix Grid in the Holy O Earth that is governed by the Christ of Knowing. Getting connected to this grid is the point of no return to the human downfall world!

Come be with us as Holy Divine Healing returns to Texas March 12-24 and our ascension into Knowing consciousness continues. All human dilemmas can be healed in higher consciousness.

Your friend,

Dr. Dan

Servant of HDH

Texas Schedule March 2019

San Antonio

Mar 12-14 Personal sessions

Mar 12 ​ Group Healing/teleconference 7:30 pm CT


Mar 15-17​​ Personal sessions

Mar 17 ​​ Group Healing/teleconference 2:00 pm CT


Mar 18-19 ​Personal sessions

Mar 19​​  Group Healing/teleconference 7:30 pm CT

Lake Jackson

Mar 20 Personal sessions

North Houston

Mar 21​​ Free Lecture/not teleconferenced 7:30 pm CT

Mar 22-23 ​ Personal sessions

Cold Springs

Mar 24 Personal sessions

For locations, contact information and to register for events go to  www.HolyDivineHealingStore.com

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