A New Year message from Dr. Dan

Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

Welcome to a New Year of transformation and ascending into higher levels of consciousness!

All human dilemmas can be healed through higher levels of consciousness. All problems, worries and concerns come from our human shadow, the unilluminated part of our being that is about our low consciousness, past lives, ancestral lineage patterns and accumulated human carnage, and are stored in our underworlds.  All of these things occur in the bottom three paradigms, which are realities of consciousness that are of belief (a programmed consciousness from one’s authority in the outer world). 

This is the downfall world that is purging from all of us, our institutions, the world and beyond and it will continue through September 2021. The scheduled event for the end of belief consciousness is in 2022.  All things of belief will have to come to terms with this event.

The new year of 2019 will center on our connection to our Divinity through the seven factors of our Holy O Royal Correlation with our inner Holiness. If your heart beats, it’s in you! The Holy O Royal Correlation is a series of attunements of our being that perfect our connection with our Divine Source so that we may activate our levels of higher consciousness. These attunements involve our Angelic host, Cosmic Coordination, Galactic Council, Divine Command, Divine Destiny, Divine Fulfillment and Holy O Health. 

Your access point to the Divine is through your inner Holiness. It must be connected to you through the fifth level of consciousness or Christ Consciousness. We must open our hearts and minds to the possibilities of the Divine by choosing to live the Parable of Christ Consciousness. When we are aligned and attuned in divine perfection, our thoughts, feelings and actions are divinely inspired.

 Come and join us on the journey! 

Your friend,

Dr. Dan

Servant of HDH

Texas HDH Event Schedule for January 2019

San Antonio

Jan 15-17 Personal sessions

Jan 15 ​Group Healing/teleconference 7:30 pm CST


Jan 18-20 ​​ Personal sessions

Jan 20 Group Healing/teleconference 2:00 pm CST


Jan 21-22 ​Personal sessions

Jan 22 ​​ Group Healing/teleconference 7:30 pm CST

Lake Jackson

Jan 23 Personal sessions

North Houston

Jan 24 ​​ Free Lecture/not teleconferenced 7:30 pm CST

Jan 25-26 ​ Personal sessions


Jan 27 Personal sessions

For locations, contact information, to schedule a personal session or to register for events, go to  www.HolyDivineHealingStore.com

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