Please contact the appropriate sponsor to schedule personal sessions or to attend a Group Healing in person.

To join a Group Healing via teleconference, visit our store here.

Dr. Dan does remote (over the phone) private appointments when he is at home. Please leave him a message at (501) 416-1996 or email and he will call you back to schedule your appointment.

Purchase teleconference

If you would like to to make a donation, or purchase any of the teleconferences directly, please click the PayPal button below. You may also visit our store to purchase teleconferences and recordings (which you can navigate to in the menu above).


November – TEXAS

SAN ANTONIO – November 6-8

Group Healing – November 6, 7:30PM CST

Personal sessions

AUSTIN – November 9-11

Group Healing – November 11, 2:00PM CST

Personal Sessions

HOUSTON – November 12-13

Group Healing – November 13, 7:30PM CST

Personal Sessions

LAKE JACKSON – November 14

Personal Sessions

NORTH HOUSTON – November 15-17

Free lecture – November 15, 7:30PM (not teleconferenced)

Personal Sessions – November 16-17

SHEPHERD – November 18

Personal Sessions


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