A Christmas Message from Dr. Dan

Greetings to friends of Holy Divine Healing,

A heartfelt thank you for all who support the sacred path of Holy Divine Healing. 

It could not happen without you and it happens for you.

I thought I would take some time today, in the season of Christ, to explain to you our Fifth level of Consciousness known as Christ Consciousness.

In our human being state of the downfall world, with a shadow created from a fractured soul vessel known as “Self”, a belief consciousness entered by a negative ego that deals out fear, pain and punishment – to justify the programming of our outer authority.

This world exists in the first, second, and third paradigms, and they are presently purging off of the Earth.

In our Holy O order, we have 7 levels of consciousness. They all work perfectly in Knowing Consciousness, but in the Human world of belief consciousness, only the first four (unconscious, subconscious, conscious and collective/mass consciousness) work. With a dysfunction, levels 5, 6, and 7 (Christ consciousness, Cosmic consciousness, and Goddess consciousness) do not function at all in belief. It is the primary reason we grow old, get sick and die.

Christ consciousness is the first step up from the human level of Belief, and can be achieved by trusting in your Inner Holiness that beats your heart. 

If your heart beats, it’s in you!

Trusting your Inner Holiness is the bridge that transforms belief into Knowing. The more you trust in your Inner Holiness, the more your Inner holiness trusts in you.

When problems, worries and concerns are in your moment, you are at a fork in the road of life. The human being tries to fix it themselves, not realizing that Self is only ten percent consciousness. It has no knowing and is governed by your negative ego that imposes a belief process on self and defends and justifies your belief by giving you fear, pain and punishment. It is a miserable path. 

A Christed being will surrender those problems, worries and concerns to its Inner Holiness to be dealt with, yielding to the whispering voice and Gut Knowing of Inner Holiness.

Inner Holiness is one hundred percent conscious and knows all of life. It will open the door of miracles into your life.

Human beings choose self. 

Christed beings choose to yield to the Higher Power.

It’s that simple.

Merry Christmas,

Dr. Dan

Servant of Holy Divine Healing


Dr. Dan’s schedule for 2019 is up – take a look!

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