A message from Dr. Dan & October’s New Mexico schedule

Dear Friends,

Thank you all for your support for the HDH event in New Orleans. The Group Healing was very powerful and there were many participants in attendance and on the teleconference. The private sessions were sold out. Together we are changing this world into a higher conscience and more aware planet.

This is a very significant period of time that is seeding the potential for the evolution of the foundation of human society and altering our personal energetics in remarkable ways. Our bodies, minds, and spirits have been challenged like never before to purge, clear, and cleanse more of that which distorts our divine light and perfected life expression.

This purging, clearing, and cleansing of our downfall rubble is actually a good thing, for it is through this process that we shed the dark and open ourselves up to receive, anchor, and transmit more light.  What is available to us on the other side of these energetic contractions is a Consciousness expansion into higher paradigms and a release followed by an energetic expansion which is always so much bigger, better, and brighter than before.

We are excited about the October visit to New Mexico! Please join us this month from October 9 through 15. There is one important change in the schedule and that is the date of the Group Healing in Albuquerque which will be held Tuesday, October 9.



Oct 9 – Personal sessions

Group Healing/teleconference 7:00 pm MT (8:00 pm CT, 9:00 pm ET)

Contact Liz at holydivinehealingnm@gmail.com


Oct 11 & 13​- Personal sessions

Oct 12 – Group Healing/teleconference 7:00 pm MT (8:00 pm CT, 9:00 pm ET)

Contact Gracia for both areas at holydivinehealingsantafenm@gmail.com


Oct 12 & 14 – Personal sessions


Oct 15 -​Personal sessions 

Group Healing 4:00 pm MT (NOT teleconferenced)

Contact Cosima at cosimapl@gmail.com

I hope to see you there and welcome all on the teleconferences.

LOVE to you all!

Dr. Dan

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