A message from Dr. Dan

Dear friends of Holy Divine Healing,

I have received a lot of positive feedback about the Group Healing events in Texas in July. They were some intense healings! Thank you all so much for your participation. This is what really makes the difference!

I’m looking now to Indianapolis in August for more exciting Divine changes! We are having another wonderful lecture and a Group Healing along with private sessions. The theme is greater understanding of the Knowing Earth as opposed to the “belief” Earth. To perceive the inner connections in life about all things that appear to be separate in belief consciousness is the big upgrade in Knowing Consciousness. This is the path of all things in the new Holy O Earth.

It may be difficult to understand the concepts of the eight civilizations of Earth right now but by the time the redistribution happens, after September 2021, we will have grown in consciousness substantially and rid ourselves of our belief downfall rubble. So not to worry, it will all be resolved with time. We will discuss this in more detail during the free lecture on Thursday, August 16. This lecture will be teleconferenced and is free to anyone who would like to participate.

During the July 27th lunar eclipse a service was done on a group of eight things that have been the foundation of human society since the great downfall. The purpose was to bring these eight things out of the bottom three paradigms and through a series of periodic adjustments, to raise them into the Holy O Earth and the sixth paradigm. The service helped to eliminate polarization from the collective consciousness and to unite us all through our fourth level of consciousness, the collective mass consciousness. The biggest problem in all human dilemmas is that they occur in low downfall world paradigms, mainly paradigms one through three, where people are polarized to extremes through belief consciousness. Your opinion about what you do not know, programmed into you by authority outside of you, is always governed by the negative ego and its fear, pain and punishment. This is the hallmark of human misery. Raising the paradigm to higher consciousness is the answer.

Come join us as we continue the Ascension journey to raise ourselves into the Holy O Earth. You are invited to the events in Indianapolis in person or on the teleconference.

Your friend,

Dr. Dan

Servant of HDH

Dr. Dan Mathews – Indianapolis Workshop

August 16 – 19, 2018

Private treatment sessions

August 16 – 19

Free Group Lecture and Demonstration

With Free Teleconference

Thursday, August 16

7:00 pm ET (6:00 pm CT5:00 pm MT4:00 pm PT)

Teleconference Number:  302-202-1110

PIN number  771547

Group Healing

Sunday, August 19

2:30 pm ET (1:30 pm CT, 12:30 pm MT, 11:30 pm PT)

In person or by teleconference

If you would like to schedule a private treatment session or attend the Lecture with Dr. Dan while he is in Indianapolis August 16 – 19, please email
Diane at drdanindy@comcast.net

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