New HDH Developments – A July Message from Dr. Dan

Dear Friends of Ascension,

I recently took my annual two-week vacation to my family’s beach house in Orange Beach, Alabama. This is where Holy Divine Healing started for me in August of 1994. It began with a heat stroke and a trip down the rabbit hole. I went through the veil and had a telepathic experience with Crystal Light Beings. I was anointed with light into my eyes and it awakened me to my sacred path and purpose. Twenty-four years ago, I started down my yellow brick road, taking each step in trusting the Inner Holiness of Life that beats my heart. To be a servant of the HDH process and to do the will of the Inner Holiness of each person who has a session with me or comes to a group healing has always been my focus. This is how the HDH process works.

New developments with HDH seem to happen all at once without prior awareness. Here is the story of the latest. Soon after arriving at the beach house I could feel a disconnect from the healing grid of HDH that lasted for an entire week. I could feel that big changes were occurring behind the scenes. When the lights came back on and the HDH grid was re-established, many changes had been made. I am still in a discovery state about the changes but this is what I know so far. We have been doing wonderful work in advancing the Ascension process. Those who have been doing their work are ahead of schedule. Those who are just awakening still have time to be on task.

What I tell you now is a just a basic primer to help you understand what is to come. The Earth is much bigger and far more complex and intricate than anyone has thought or believed. The records that are inscripted in the crystal lattice of our Holy Spirit say that the Earth has eight civilizations of people living on the Earth that are separated by consciousness veils. It says the sun is inside the Earth as are the stars in the night sky. They appear to be outside of the Earth in the sky but are actually reflecting off of the veil. All eight civilizations think and believe that they are on the surface of the Earth just as we do. All have a sun, stars, mountains, oceans and vegetation. Our civilization of the sixth is the third from the surface.

Another new finding is that all of the Blessings of Higher Consciousness, that I have been channeling through my helpers for the past few years, have now been activated in the sixth civilization. That part of the Ascension path is now complete. Also, I have been given seven new Earth equivalencies. We will all need to be calibrated and synchronized with these to make us whole and in harmony with the Earth.

In the next three years, beginning in September, the existing downfall world will be removed from all levels of civilization of the Earth and a new Holy O Earth will fill the void. There will be a great distribution of people into the eight civilizations of consciousness. Those who are on their sacred path and have been doing their ascension work will be graduating into the seventh and eighth civilizations. However, all will be where they need to be to complete their Ascension. 

Come join us in Texas this month from July 10 – 22 and I will tell you more as the unfoldment continues.

Your friend,

Dr. Dan

Servant of HDH


July Schedule

Personal sessions in San Antonio are scheduled for July 10 – 12. The first Group Healing and teleconference will be in San Antonio on Tuesday, July 10 at 7:30 pm CDT. Contact Cecelia at for availability or directions if you would like to attend the Group Healing in person. 

Austin dates are July 13 – 15 with the second Group Healing/teleconference on Sunday, July 15 at 2:00 pm CDT. Contact Michele at for more information or directions.

In Houston I will have a third Group Healing/teleconference at the Preservation on Tuesday, July 17 at 7:30 pm CDT and personal sessions July 16 – 17.   

I will be in Lake Jackson, Texas, Wednesday, July 18 for personal sessions.  Contact Janet Castor for availability or information at

On Thursday, July 19, I will be in north Houston (Champions area off of FM 1960) for a free lecture at 7:30 pm CDT at Barbara and Chris Maisel’s home. It will not be teleconferenced. I will also be conducting private sessions there on Friday and Saturday, July 20 -21. Contact Barbara for availability or directions at

I will be in Shepherd, Texas on Sunday, July 22 for personal sessions. Contact Jerrie Beth for availability or information at

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