A message from Dr. Dan

Dear friends of Ascension,

A heart felt thank you to all who participated in the group healing, personal sessions or other events at Diane’s in Indianapolis in April. To witness the ascension of so many is astounding and fills my heart with joy!

A large part of the problem with human dysfunction in all areas of life, both personally and in society, is because these activities are done in a paradigm of low consciousness. If we can raise the level of consciousness where our lives take place, new discoveries will be made in our awareness and understanding. This will allow us to see things differently, without the illusion, and be able change our mind.

It’s a beautiful way to change our life and world through higher consciousness. The models of life that have been mutating our life beam and making problems for us now want to leave the Earth and return to their original home, which is outside of the 9 Clusters of All That Is of the Holy O. This removal is done with love and kindness and is appreciated by all involved.

All of this and more will be the focus of HDH as we go to the Minneapolis – St. Paul area from May 16-22. Please attend for a unique experience in your personal ascension, healing and devotion to the Earth and to all people in our Celestial communities.

Your friend, Dr. Dan

Servant of HDH

Minneapolis Schedule

Personal sessions are scheduled for May 16-22. A Group Healing and teleconference will take place on Saturday, May 19 at 7:00 PM Central (8:00 ET, 6:00 MT, 5:00 PT).

Contact Terri at theconnectingspirit@gmail.com for availability or directions if you would like to attend the Group Healing in person.

Click here to register for the teleconference.

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