A message from Dr. Dan

Dear friends of HDH,

Deep gratitude to all helpers of the Ascension process for all that you do to get the new material for the group healings out to all humanity and beyond, into the nine clusters. Together, we are a wonderful team, and we are getting the job done by raising the bar of consciousness and clearing out downfall world debris.

Next week, I will be in Indianapolis for the next step of ascending into Holy O Earth. The Knowing consciousness of our creation will be merged with the understanding we have acquired by attending the school of understanding – the downfall world.

What’s new? I have been blessed with a new way to communicate with the Divine through a new language system of numbers. This process allows the removal of mutating models of life from people. This is behind the pain and misery of a person’s life on all levels.

At this stage of the exiting downfall world from the planet, all models of life that are not of the Holy O are ready to go back home. These models of life are easily removed from people and from the nine clusters, which is our home. This is done with love and kindness and is appreciated by all involved.

We have a lot to share in the Indianapolis workshop with a free lecture and demonstration on Thursday evening that will be teleconferenced, personal sessions and a Group Healing on Sunday afternoon. The personal sessions are going deeper and have been more transformative than ever before. All things have expanded and accelerated. A lot of new material will be presented for the first time. So come and join us for a great time with like-minded people! Your participation is appreciated.

Your friend,
Dr. Dan
Servant of Holy Divine Healing


Schedule of Events

April 19 – 22: Personal Treatment Sessions

Thursday, April 19: Free Group Lecture and Demonstration at 7:00 pm Eastern Time (6:00 pm CT) 

This will be teleconferenced! Call 302-202-1110 – PIN: 771547

Sunday, April 22: Group Lecture and Group Healing at 2:30 pm EDT (1:30 pm CDT)

in person or by teleconference.

For more information about the Indianapolis events, contact Diane at drdanindy@comcast.net

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