Dr. Dan will be in San Antonio today

Dr. Dan Mathews will be in San Antonio March 13 – 15, 2018.

He will have a Group Healing today – Tuesday, March 13 – at 7:30 pm CDT.

He will begin with a lecture followed by the Group Healing. Please arrive a few minutes early to get seated.

The San Antonio Group Healing will consist of three clearings through mass Consciousness for all beings of the 9 clusters.

The first is to clear the feelings body of fear. The second is to clear the mental body of doubtful and the third is to clear the spirit body of belief.

The following blessings will be done:

1. The Grand Design of Holy O Reality of Knowing 

2. The Grand Design of Holy O Holy O Tones of Holy O Earth

The revelations of The Plan of Grand Design continue to unfold and have been monumental. Group Healings are for the collective of humanity and the blessings that come through are assisted by your unique gifts. Your presence at these events truly makes a difference!

If you would like to attend in San Antonio, contact Cecelia for location or information at cbritton@satx.rr.com or 210-826-5555.

If you are unable to attend in person, you can participate by phone on the teleconference.

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