Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dear friends of Holy Divine Healing,

Thank you for your support during the Texas event in July. It’s amazing how fast the upgrades come in when we all work together for the ascension of our Holy being and the planet.

The outer world seems very chaotic these days. This is due to the great purge of the human condition of the downfall world that is leaving the planet. Keep in mind that it’s for a very good reason. It has to come up to come out, so don’t despair or worry. It’s all part of the Holy O Earth returning to the planet to fill the void of the exiting downfall world.

Currently during the HDH sessions, the clearings are going deeper and deeper into  downfall world dilemmas and problems, and the new blessings are going into higher and higher realms of consciousness to fill the void. Solutions have to come from higher levels of consciousness than the problems. It’s the law of life. This is why solutions are revealed when we ascend into higher thought consciousness. When we are purging, we can’t figure out solutions. For quick relief when experiencing a purge, practice saying and following the Parable of Christ consciousness.  It really does work.

I will be in Indianapolis next week offering private sessions, a teleconferenced free lecture with Q&A about Holy Divine Healing and a demonstration that will bless all that are participating. On Sunday we will have a Group Healing and will work on having more virtue in society because we are conscious beings and care about other people, the ascension of the Holy Order of O and the new Holy O Earth. We will be preparing for the effects of the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017. I invite you to come be with us for these events of the great community of like-minded people and to share your gifts for the betterment of all people, the planet and other celestial bodies.

Thank you for walking your sacred path. It matters!

Your friend,

Dr. Dan

Servant of HDH

We would also like to share a few words about the eclipse, our new access to the unconscious, and details about our upcoming events from our wonderful sponsor in Indianapolis, Diane:

The total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 is a rare cosmic event which will initiate the spherical expansion of every dimension and degree of life into a higher expression of its holy perfection.  This eclipse will have a lasting and profound effect on life as we know it.  In addition, it will result in the quantum propulsion of the Holy O Earth in every way, filling the void left by the downfall world as it continues its exodus off this planet. All of this is benevolently orchestrated by the Holiness of Life pursuant to the Plan of Grand Design.  It is a magnificent and magnanimous step up the evolutionary spiral in our embodiment of Divine Perfection!

The Pranic Purge

This monumental astronomical event will saturate all life with elevated life force energy that will accelerate the ascension process for all.  Anything not in alignment with this higher life expression will be purged from our being.  This purging process is unique to each individual and has been ongoing for some time.  The Great Eclipse of August 21st will intensify this purging process, as we are called to perfect our being at a deeper level to embody a higher life expression.  It is helpful to remember this process can be managed with grace and ease through our conscious intent, personal energy management, and sacred practices.

Eclipsing The Past

In addition to recently breaking the brain barrier, bridging the mortal with the divine, we now have access to the deepest and most mysterious level of consciousness known to humanity:  the unconscious. Our unconscious level of awareness is a level of awareness that is beyond our conscious comprehension.  Cloaked in darkness and mystery for eons, our unconscious is revealed to be the gateway through which our ancestral heritage impacts our current life experience.

Our masculine ancestral lineage, feminine offspring matrix, and numerous past lives in the downfall world have impacted our current life experience through the genetic transmission of mutated matrixes carrying the traumas and dramas we and our ancestral lineage experienced in these past lives.  These mutated matrixes disrupt the synchronization and calibration of our innate divine intelligence from the neutron stars to our brain to our body, resulting in the experience of dysfunction, disease, and death in our present life experience.

We can now bring our unconscious level of awareness into Holy O Perfection, healing the ancestral genetic miasms that have plagued all life for eons.  The traumas and wounds of our past are eclipsed and no longer limit nor define our present life experience.  In doing so, we liberate ourselves from the limitations of our past and open to the experience of the perfection of holy life expression as a divine being of infinite potential embodied in physical form.  Perfecting our unconscious will greatly facilitate our integration of the eclipse energies as the past is purged from our being.

Preparation is the Key

All life will be touched by The Great Eclipse of August 21, 2017.  Preparation is the key to the successful and graceful integration of the crystal light codes transmitted during this eclipse and a smooth transition through the pranic purge.  We offer you several opportunities to prepare for this sacred solar passage.

Dr. Dan has acquired new gifts in preparation for The Great Eclipse and the exponential evolutionary advances it will precipitate.  These new gifts include the ability to perform Blessings Beyond Our Comprehension as well as amazing new advances in the architecture of our crystal lattice of light.  Dr. Dan is available for private treatment sessions currently via telephone in Arkansas and in person August  17-20 in Indianapolis to perform these Blessings and clearings on you.  If you would like to schedule a private treatment session with Dr. Dan in Arkansas please call 501-416-1996.  If you would like to schedule a private treatment session with Dr. Dan while he is in Indianapolis August 17-20 please email Diane at

Dr. Dan will also give a Free Group Lecture and Demonstration on Thursday, August 17, at 7:00 pm EDT in Indianapolis.  He will share the latest wisdom on The Great Eclipse and Holy Divine Healing.  He will also perform a free group equation (Blessing) which will assist all with this massive influx of eclipse energy.  This Free Group Lecture and Demonstration will be teleconferenced at  302-202-1110 and the pass code is 771547.  If you would like to attend this event in person in Indianapolis please email for details.

Dr. Dan will also conduct a Group Healing on Sunday, August 20, 2017 at 2:30 pm EDT in Indianapolis.  Several equations will be performed at this Group Healing which will greatly prepare all for the spectacular solar event taking place the  next day.  This Group Healing will also be teleconferenced.  If you would like to participate in this Group Healing via teleconference, please RSVP prior to the event here:  Group Healing Teleconference.  If you would like to attend this event in person in Indianapolis please rsvp at  The suggested donation is $35.00.

To all who walk this path, may you know the benevolence of your own divinity in the days and weeks ahead, may you open to receive the endless support of that which is Infinite Love, and may you find solace in the sacred dance of the solar eclipse and the cycle of great change it heralds.  We are here for you and we invite you to be present for all by joining us in sculpting and holding the space for all of life to know itself as holy and divine.

Thank you!


August 17-20 – Private Treatment Sessions

Thursday, August 17 – Free Group Lecture and Demonstration – 7:00 pm EDT (6:00 pm CDT)

This will be teleconferenced! 

Call 302-202-1110 PIN 771547

Sunday, August 20 – Solar Eclipse Group Lecture and Group Healing – 2:30 pm EDT (1:30 pm CDT)

Join us in person or by teleconference

Purchase teleconference here

For more information about the Indianapolis events, contact Diane at


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