Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dear friends,

Many thanks for all the help and support that was provided to the events in Indianapolis in April. Our service was full and complete. There are so many moving parts in Holy Divine Healing and I am so thankful and grateful for a Plan of Grand Design and such committed and invested Light-workers to assist and share in the experience of Ascension. It has so many diversions and obstacles to overcome!

Of the many attributes of HDH, no matter what you are going through, both personal and collectively, you are accepted right where you are, just like you are. Love will always find a way if you are open to it.

On the cutting-edge at HDH we are working with the collaboration of Innate Intelligence to our brain, and from our brain, and the synchronization of Innate Intelligence to our physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies.

The origin of innate intelligence is from the collective knowing of the Holy O Temples of the Neutron Stars. This intelligence is what makes the world go round and fuels all processes of life.

The accumulation of life’s traumas interfere with calibration and synchronization of our Innate Intelligence and become the core of human discord. HDH give us a reset (or a do over) and this is a such a wonderful thing to treat yourself and your loved ones to.

Our next event at HDH will be in Minneapolis on May 4-7. We will have a lecture and group healing that is teleconferenced and will offer personal sessions. New beautiful blessings and very deep clearings are coming in daily.

The new Holy O Earth is filling in its matrix with newness of life from a Knowing Consciousness in its mental body. It’s a world where you heal your life by expanding your consciousness and awareness. By coming to higher levels of understanding, when you take a second look, you see it differently and change your mind. It’s the birth of wisdom and it feels so good.

You can’t heal ignorance with belief.

It requires knowing and understanding.

Come and join us for our events in Minneapolis in person, by teleconference or in your own special way.

Your friend,

Dr. Dan




May 3-8                     Personal sessions

May 4                         Group Healing/teleconference 7:00 pm CDT

Contact Terri at

NEW MEXICO             MAY 16 – 22


May 16 – 18                ​​​​Personal sessions

May 16                        Group Healing/teleconference 7:00 pm MT

Contact Liz at

Los Alamos

May 19 & 21               Personal sessions

Santa Fe ​​​​​ 

May 19                    Group Healing/teleconference 7:00 pm MT

May 20​​​                    Personal sessions

C​ontact Shelly at

Jemez Springs 

May 22                     Personal sessions                                ​​​​

Group Healing(not teleconferenced) 4:00 pm MT

Contact Cosima at


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