Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dear Friends,

Thank you for a wonderful and very productive two weeks in Texas. All of the objectives of HDH were achieved. These intense two week events really advance the process of the healing of our human downfall world and open the door to the new Holy O Earth.

A major happening in HDH right now is the changing of our mental body’s matrix from one of belief to one of Knowing. A belief matrix in our mental body makes us very vulnerable to be triggered by activities in the downfall world (such as politics) and to a polarizing fourth level of consciousness, known as mass consciousness or the collective. In the downfall world, mass consciousness polarizes us and makes us vulnerable to manipulation. Anytime a person experiences fear, anxiety, worry, pain, anger, depression, punishment and suffering, belief is at the core. All belief comes from our 10% conscious, not knowing, negative ego body that enforces its belief with the motivation of fear, pain, and punishment. This is the core of the downfall world. You can’t heal ignorance with belief.

The new Holy O Earth requires a Knowing matrix in our Mental body.

In the Trinity of our wholeness, our Divine Presence Knowing comes from the reactivation of Knowing centers of our brain that went dormant at the downfall.

In our Soul Body, Knowing Consciousness comes from the 15 components of our Divinity returning to the inside of our Soul vessel and functioning homogeneously through a team effort.

In our Spirit Body, Knowing Consciousness returns with the synthesis of our androgyne and its functions of reconnecting to the Holy O Temples of the Neutron Stars through our inter-web and the 276 activities of our androgyne.

In order to participate in the new Holy O Earth, we need the upgrades that are shared with all people through the Group Healings and in private session for your own personal needs. Also, the Jukebox at has blessings to assist with putting the components of your Divinity back into your Soul vessel.

On April 6-9, 2017, Holy Divine Healing will be back in Indianapolis, Indiana for the next step in the new Holy O Earth. I invite you to join us on this sacred journey by receiving a private session for your personal needs, attending the Group Healing to improve the quality of life on Earth, and to share the blessings with all humanity. Please join us by attending these events in person, remotely or in your own special way. Thank you.

Your friend,

Dr. Dan

Servant of HDH

Indianapolis Schedule

April 6-9 – Private Treatment Sessions

Thursday, April 6  Free Group Lecture and Demonstration at 7:00 pm EDT (6:00 pm CDT) This will be teleconferenced!
Call 302-202-1110 PIN 771547

SundayApril 9, at 2:30 pm EDT (1:30 pm CDT) – Group Lecture and Group Healing

(in person or by teleconference)

Purchase teleconference here

For more information about the Indianapolis events or to schedule a private session, contact Diane at


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