Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dear friends,

An amazing metamorphosis of life is occurring at this time on the new Holy O Earth, from the sixth paradigm through the 999 to the power of 7 paradigm. At the same time, a lot of dust is being kicked up in the human downfall world with all of this strife going on in politics with the fake news and the like.

What an interesting and exciting world we live in! We are at a choice point in our evolution. The question to be asked is, do I have to be right and win or do I want victory over pain and misery?

Consider the following: the human downfall world is the Model of One. One is the first fracture of O. The Model of One goes from the first paradigm of death, killing and war to the 12th paradigm of the I Am.

The Model of One brought duality, hypocrisy and bipolar actions to the Earth. It has been stated that the Model of One has opposing ends, for example, the 10 Commandments are on one end and “we want to kill all the Canaanites” on the other end.

We treat the people we like with respect, honor and comraderie because we share certain values, such the same religion, political mindset, etc. But on the other end, to the people that think differently from us we show hate, bigotry, distain, etc. This is a parasitic and predatory world. Its virtue is that it teaches us lessons of understanding.

The new Holy O Earth is the product of some amazing events that have happened to the Earth and has changed the nature of what is nurtured and supported on Earth by the Earth. To name a few:

  • The Harmonic Convergence in 1987
  • The merging paradigms of higher consciousness. This started in 2004 when the 4th paradigm integrated with the Earth grid and went through May 6, 2011 with the 999 to the power of 7 paradigm.
  • In 2004 the Akashic beam quit mutating
  • December 2012 the linear timeline was collapsed
  • December 2012 the Aquarian Age began with a new timeline and a new Earth grid
  • A 6 year exodus of the downfall world began with the September 2015 full moon eclipse.

Three months after the exodus began, three veils began to be lifted from our inner being that were put there by the timeline disturbance of B.C. and A.D. dates. B.C. dates descend and A.D. dates ascend. This created opposing ends that made a perfect Model of One environment.

The first veil to be lifted was off of our ancient world recording (pre-downfall) and the information of a Holy Order of O on this Earth before the human downfall. The second veil lifting revealed a sacred portal that exists in our Component of Divinity of the 69 Dimensional Oniverse of Divine Intervention called Migleomagleous that is a multi-purpose portal. The third veil removed exposed a mechanism of a Perfectionator that can respin our fractures, parts and pieces of our downfall back into our Holy O.

With all of this new information and changing Earth possibilities, the Holy O Earth was formed. It is a continuum of the ancient world of the Holy O with a few upgrades. Our new being of the Holy O has 15 components of divinity and our new life realm is no longer the 13 dimensional matrix of Heaven on Earth but is a new exponential time-space coordinate system that starts at the 15th paradigm of Cosmic Consciousness and goes through Holy O, Holy O Same of our Holy O Androgyne function.

As Einstein stated, the consciousness that created all of the turmoil and injustice of the downfall of world will never heal it. More war will never heal war. More polarized consciousness will never heal its ills.

The new Holy O Earth has the expanded consciousness to heal all of these things. Nothing feels better than to heal the problems of our life through higher consciousness.

To change our mind through higher consciousness is Divine.

Come and join us in Holy Divine Healing to change our Self to Holy O Same and to pass it on to others. Our March Group Healing events start next Tuesday, March 7 in San Antonio, TX at 7:30 pm central. United we can have victory over the downfall world. Come in-person, by teleconference or in your own special way.

Thank you.

Dr. Dan

Servant of HDH


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