Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

A heartfelt “Thank you” for your wonderful support in our January service in Texas. The Group Healings were exceptionally powerful in broadcasting the Blessing of Divine Decree to all beings in the 9 cluster All That Is of the Holy O. Through the Mass Conscience (collective) in the Seventh Paradigm of Holy O Earth that unites all people in the Holy O.

I now turn my attention to New Orleans for a wonderful week of Holy Divine Healing. We get started with our Group Healing at 7:30 PM CST on the evening of Tuesday, February 7, and will have private sessions through Saturday, February 11. Contact Terri for more information at

The Downfall World is now 80% off the planet and is confined to the First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Paradigms. The Holy O Earth is from the 6th Paradigm – 999 to the power of 7 Paradigm. In the Downfall World, the 1st Paradigm is characterized by death, killing, and war. The 2nd Paradigm – robbing, stealing, cheating, politics, and lying. The 3rd Paradigm is condemnation, labeling others, self pity, and criticism. Where there is fear, worry, anxiety, pain, anger, depression, punishment, and suffering, at the core is always Belief. Belief is the programmed consciousness of the Negative Ego that defends the self (fractured soul vessel) through its justification using fear, pain, and punishment as its motivation.

The low level consciousness that have created the problems of the downfall world will not be able to heal these problems. An eye for an eye will only keep the fear, pain, and punishment recycling. That is for sure. Higher consciousness is the sure healer and the sacred path. To heal through higher consciousness and awareness is the best medicine in life. To come to a higher level of understanding, take a second look, see things differently and change your mind is wisdom in action.

This is how you get off the hook of the Downfall World in your Life. Reacting to the Downfall World through Belief is doomed. This will ruin your day and your flesh body, because your body follows your mind.

We are at a Choice Point in our Lives. If you choose to react to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Paradigms through your Belief, you will be a part of the problem and live a miserable life. If you choose to open your mind and heart through living the Parable of Christ Consciousness, you will put your All Knowing Inner Holiness to work for you and you will witness amazing miracles in life.

Light consumes darkness.

Love consumes fear.

Knowing consumes Belief.

Holy Divine Healing is a viable path to overcome your Downfall through Higher Consciousness and Awareness.

Through trusting in your Higher Power, you receive Knowing.

By opening your mind, you receive light.

By opening your Heart, you receive Love.

Holy Divine Healing is committed to this Sacred Path. Please join us in this Amazing Happening.


Dr. Dan

Servant of Holy Divine Healing


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