Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dear friends,

2017 is a year of great hope for all people of the Earth and beyond! The existing downfall world of the human condition is now 76% off the planet!

From the top of the 6th Paradigm up to the 999Paradigm, we are now free of the Model of One which brought duality, hypocrisy and  bipolarness to the Earth. The exodus has brought a great void onto the Earth which HDH has been filling with new Crystal Lattices of the Holy O in order to create an environment on the Earth to support and nurture our Holy O origins, which are inscribed into the Crystal Lattice of our Holy Spirit.

We now have opened a clear space to create a new world that is in harmony with the Divinity of Life and the true Divinity of our Holy Souls. By living the Parable of Christ Consciousness, we become Co-creators of a vast new world of the Holy O. All are invited to participate in this vast ordeal.

Many of the original light workers that I have been privileged to know and serve are now doing their Sacred Gifts to assist in this Great Ascension. I commend you, I honor you, and I now hold hands with you as our journey to unite knowing and understanding together continues as the Great Ascension unfolds.

The HDH agenda for 2017 begins in Texas from January the 9th through the 22nd. Teleconferenced Group Healings will be held in San Antonio on January 10, Austin on January 15 and Houston on January 17. I have received wonderful new blessings from the Plan of Grand Design to share with all humanity through the collective of Mass Consciousness to help heal the Earth and its relationships with all Galaxies, Cosmos and Oniverses in the Nine Clusters. Our Soul, Spirit, and Presence are greatly influenced by these great Celestial bodies.

I invite you to come and help us as we embark on the great challenges of 2017. When you walk your Sacred Path and live the Parable of Christ Consciousness, your efforts are multiplied exponentially because you live on a New Earth that will be what we make it. Come and join me, all you courageous souls, for the experience of a lifetime! Onward 2017!

Your friend,

Dr. Dan,

Servant of HDH

P.S. Healing your life through the expansion of your consciousness and awareness is the greatest medicine of all. This is what HDH is dedicated to. Taking a step in trusting in your Higher Power (your Inner Holiness) is the birth of Knowing Consciousness and greater awareness and understanding.


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  1. Awesome message Dr. Dan and Vicki—YAY!!

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