Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dear Friends of HDH, 

The exodus of the downfall world from the Earth is nearly 65% complete. It is astonishing for this to happen so quickly in the first year of a six year exodus!

The first year anniversary was on September 29, 2016. The void that is being created by the exodus is being filled with new Crystal Lattice of the Holy O that will function in the new exponential time-space coordinate and on the new Earth grid, thanks to the Aquarian Age. We now have five new grid systems or Crystal lattices from which new reality is being created, with more to come.

The first five are:

New Holy O Crystal Core of Earth

New Holy O Crystal Core of this Oniverse

New Holy O Crystal Lattice of Paradigm Matrix 

New Holy O Crystal Ego Body 

New Holy O Crystal Lattice of Divine Feminine

These first five Crystal Lattices will be creating new reality in this void for us, based on our ancient world recording of when we were a Holy Being that we possess in the Crystal Lattice of our Spirit Body. The Creation of a new Holy Order of O is happening on the Earth right now and it is very important, now more than ever, that we live in the grace of the Holy Order of O with an open mind, open heart, seeking the Holy Order of life and walking the Parable of being a Christed Being. 

This path will lead to health, happiness, freedom, love, peace, joy, high esteem and inspiration. This is the path of HDH. It is a remedy for our pain and misery. Take hold of your life and bring your sacred gifts and talents to participate in our Texas Group Healings in person, on the teleconference or in your own special way. 

Your efforts are appreciated. We invite you to join us. 

Your friend, 
Dr. Dan 

Servant of HDH
Click here to participate by teleconference


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