Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dear Friends,

A heart felt thank you to all of the light workers who participated in the New Orleans Group Healing.  We have connected and healed the Crystal Lattice of our ego body through the mass consciousness of humanity for all people and the Earth. Hopefully, we will see the evidence of this great healing soon through the appearance of the infinite expression of appreciation, approval and acceptance expressed through the consciousness and awareness of common people.

We now have new blessings for water that are not only about water but about all of us as well.  This water blessing has taken Holy Divine Healing to a new level of effectiveness and service to humanity. One drop of water has more capacity for memory than all of the computers on Earth. We imprint each drop with our thoughts and feelings. The Holy O Order of Water has set a new high for excellence, perfection and healing. The six billion plus Earths are all interconnected by water. The inner wisdom and knowledge of water is a main pillar of life. Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness is the most excellent way to imprint water. If you can imprint one drop, then the one drop will do the rest. 

Your Friend,

Dr. Dan


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