Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dear friends,

I would like to explain to you the changes in our capabilities as a result of the full moon eclipse on September 29, 2015.

The full moon eclipse started the beginning of a six-year exodus of the downfall world from the planet and the 9 Clusters of All That Is of the Holy O. Since the exodus began, three veils have been lifted from our Inner Holy world.

First, all people on Earth possess a recording in the crystal lattice of their Spirit Body of an ancient world that existed on Earth before the downfall world. In this ancient world we were Holy Beings of the Holy O. All of the records and blueprints of the Holy Order of O are recorded there, including how and why we lost it. Second, we all possess a sacred portal of Migleomagleous to clear, clean and consume our downfall rubble. Third, we all possess a mechanism to re-perfect our being back into the Holy Order of O. In short, we possess all the mechanisms to be reborn into our Holy Order.

The exodus is now 27% completed. It started on the cutting edge of higher consciousness and will go down the paradigm ladder from there. To live in the “good zone” we need to live a faith-based life through the Parable of Christ Consciousness. If we try to do it through “self” we will be engulfed in the three bodies of the negative ego (fear, pain and punishment) and will be on the bottom of the paradigm ladder doing worry, anxiety, anger, and struggling with addictions. The choice is yours – do it yourself and have a miserable life or live the parable and life gets better. Living the parable is a practice and as you practice it, you will get better at it.

The latest discovery on the path of HDH involves the three bodies of our negative ego which govern the fractured soul vessel.

1. The fear body – activated by survival and stress that causes worry and anxiety.
2. The pain body – what goes in as pain comes out as anger.
3. The punishment body –  the latest body to appear has all the mechanisms of how we beat up ourselves or someone else, or justify punishing others as a form of justice.

The vast majority of of our pain, misery, lack and limitation, disease and death are centered around these three bodies of our negative ego. All three can be treated and healed through HDH.

On the cutting edge of higher consciousness, the creation of a new crystal lattice to
encompass the exponential time space coordinate is progressing at a rapid rate. Simply by integrating the new crystal lattice into your matrix, a lot of your human conditions will be healed. The world of the new Holy O grows every day. All are welcome to join us on the Soul journey of the Holy O, our original Holy Order.

All anyone is asked to do is to get out of their head where their beliefs and fears are and open their heart, seek the Holy Order of life, and live and walk the Parable of Christ Consciousness. You too can have the good life.

Your friend,
Dr. Dan
Servant of HDH


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