Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dear friends,

Thanks to all for your contributions and participation in the January 2016 Texas tour.

It is so amazing to witness the metamorphosis on the Sacred Path of the Holy O as we advance our soul, spirit and presence to become again what we were created to be in the beginning – a Holy Being of the Holy O.

All of the blessings done in San Antonio move everyone in Austin and Houston up the Ascension ladder. All of the blessings done in Austin do the same for Houston and San Antonio, and then again in Houston. Everyone is so blessed by the steps taken by others. This pattern of three goes into infinity in 15 axis and floods the earth and the nine clusters of the All That Is of the Holy O with all corresponding holograms, fractals, and microcosmic expressions of creation.

Oh what a plan of Grand Design!

May loving feelings bless your life.

Your friend,

Dr. Dan


Comments on: "A Message from Dr. Dan" (1)

  1. LARRY BEGNAUD said:

    Hi Dan, Thank you for this message and all that you do to support and uplift all of us who participate in your groups and sessions and the vibrations you connect with in support of humanity throughout the world. Hope to see you next time in Austin.

    Blessings to you and yours, Larry Begnaud

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